Penelope UNKN152 died.

Spouse: David LEWIS. Penelope UNKN and David LEWIS152 were married.4412

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Phoeby UNKN65,157 died in Centre Co., PA.

Spouse: Thomas STEER Sr *. Phoeby UNKN and Thomas STEER Sr * were married in 1803 in Dicks Run, Centre, PA. Children were: Sarah STEER, Thomas STEER Jr, James Monroe STEER *, John STEER, Mary A. STEER, Joseph STEER, Phoeby STEER, Phillip STEER, Patience STEER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Polly J. UNKN476 was born in January 1850 in TN.476 She died.

Spouse: Anderson R. WHELCHEL.

Rachel UNKN42 died.

Spouse: Thomas GRIMES. Rachel UNKN and Thomas GRIMES were married.42 Children were: Tamar GRIMES.

Rachel UNKN999 died.

Spouse: E. F. WATSON. Children were: Margaret V. WATSON.

Rachel UNKN was born about 1776 in NY. She died.

Spouse: Philo Ashibey FULLER. Rachel UNKN and Philo Ashibey FULLER were married about 1794 in CT. Children were: Harriet FULLER, Lora FULLER, Price FULLER, Olive FULLER, James FULLER, Henry FULLER, Suble A. FULLER.

Rachel UNKN2841 was born in 1792 in PA.2841 She died.

Spouse: William MC CRACKEN. Children were: Cynthia MC CRACKEN.

Rachel UNKN6959 was born in 1833 in Germany.6959 She died.

Spouse: Jacob BENZENHOEFER. Rachel UNKN and Jacob BENZENHOEFER1525 were married estimated 1860 in Germany.1525 Children were: Charles Fredrick BENZENHOEFER.

Rachel UNKN612,3053 was born in 1848 in GA.3053 She died.

Spouse: Josiah W. GAMBLIN. Rachel UNKN and Josiah W. GAMBLIN were married about 1869 in GA. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: John H. M. GAMBLIN, Malinda E. J. GAMBLIN, William S. GAMBLIN, Robert D. GAMBLIN, Solomon A. F. GAMBLIN.

Rachel UNKN6960 was born in October 1864 in WI. She died.

Spouse: Ira RINEHART. Rachel UNKN and Ira RINEHART were married about 1889 in WI.482 Children were: Grace D. RINEHART, Nina B. RINEHART, Alice B. RINEHART, Thalma R. RINEHART.

Rebecca UNKN2184 was born in 1765 in VA. She died after 1830 at the age of 65 in Jackson Co., GA.

Spouse: Reuben WARREN. Rebecca UNKN and Reuben WARREN were married in 1794 in Jackson Co., GA. Children were: Abraham WARREN, William WARREN, Jacob WARREN.

Rebecca UNKN2184 was born in 1812 in KY. She died after 1880 at the age of 68 in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle, KY.

Spouse: David WARREN. Rebecca UNKN and David WARREN were married about 1826 in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle, KY.

Rebecca UNKN42,3116,6961,6962 was born in July 1839 in OH.3116 She died prob in IL.

Spouse: Isaac C. GEORGE. Rebecca UNKN and Isaac C. GEORGE42 were married on 8 May 1865 in IL.42,3116 Children were: Lewella GEORGE, Thomas GEORGE, Denton GEORGE, Phebe G. GEORGE, Janetta GEORGE, Clarence GEORGE.

Rella M. UNKN6963 was born in 1879 in CA.6963 She died.

Spouse: James B. BOYER. Rella M. UNKN and James B. BOYER77,1800 were married estimated 1913 in CO.1802 Children were: Alfred R. BOYER, William C. BOYER, Mildred E. BOYER, Harvey L. BOYER, Lloyd K. BOYER, Della R. BOYER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Rhuma UNKN6964 was born in 1839 in OH.6964 She died.

Spouse: Henry WHITEHEAD. Rhuma UNKN and Henry WHITEHEAD6365 were married. Children were: George E. WHITEHEAD, Levi E. WHITEHEAD, John W. WHITEHEAD, Clara WHITEHEAD, Henry F. WHITEHEAD, Lorietta WHITEHEAD.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Rosa UNKN482,6713 was born on 10 February 1831 in Monroe, Green, WI.6713 She died on 17 May 1857 at the age of 26 in Monroe, Green, WI.6713 She was buried in Kelly-Franklin Cemetery, Monroe, Green, WI.6713

Spouse: Andrew Jackson TRICKEL. Rosa UNKN and Andrew Jackson TRICKEL482 were married before 1849.482,6713

Rosa UNKN3046 was born in 1851 in MD.3046 She died.

Spouse: George W. FURR. Rosa UNKN and George W. FURR were married about 1878 in VA.3046 Children were: Ann E. FURR.

Ruth UNKN331 died.

Spouse: Ratliff BOON Sr. Ruth UNKN and Ratliff BOON Sr were married before 1734 in West Union, Morgan, IN.331 Children were: Thomas BOON, Joseph H. BOON, Charity BOON, Ratliff BOON Jr, Hester BOON, James BOON, Daniel BOON, Mary BOON, Ruth BOON.

Ruth UNKN50 died.

Spouse: Robert BURNSIDE. Ruth UNKN and Robert BURNSIDE were married in Pocahontas Co., WV. Children were: James A. BURNSIDE.

Ruth UNKN1953 died.

Spouse: David Ross HELMS. Ruth UNKN and David Ross HELMS were married. Children were: Lena May HELMS, Dorothy Jean HELMS, Annabelle HELMS, John HELMS, Hollos HELMS, Mary HELMS, Lois HELMS.

Ruth UNKN3656 died.3656

Spouse: Amos MEAD. Ruth UNKN and Amos MEAD were married. Children were: Abner MEAD.

Living (private).

Spouse: Elvin Irvin WHITMIRE.

Living (private).

Spouse: Vivian William BROWN.

Ruth M. UNKN164,6965 was born in 1907 in KS.6965 She died.

Spouse: Donald Cecil WOOD. Ruth M. UNKN and Donald Cecil WOOD were married in 1923 in OK.6965 Children were: Living.

Sadie UNKN37 was born about 1883. She died.

Spouse: John R. WALKER. Children were: Marjorie WALKER, Ruth E. WALKER, Esther WALKER, John Martin WALKER.

Sallie UNKN3965 was born in 1846 in IL.3965 She died.

Spouse: W. W. JARVIS. Sallie UNKN and W. W. JARVIS were married in 1872 in IL. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Dollie JARVIS, Seddie JARVIS, Bessie JARVIS.

Sally UNKN27 died.

Spouse: Harold LOCHELTER. Sally UNKN and Harold LOCHELTER were married.

Sally UNKN4230 was born in 1810 in NY.4230 She died.

Spouse: Unkn KIBBY. Sally UNKN and Unkn KIBBY were married. Children were: Orrin KIBBY.

Sally D. UNKN6190,6966 was born on 23 January 1914 in OR.6966 She died.

Spouse: Philip Duane SHOEMAKER. Sally D. UNKN and Philip Duane SHOEMAKER6190 were married.

Sara E. UNKN313,620 was born in 1855 in AR.620 She died.

Spouse: Benjamin Franklin BARNWELL. Sara E. UNKN and Benjamin Franklin BARNWELL were married. Children were: Lelar I. BARNWELL, Florence BARNWELL.

Sarah UNKN395 died.

Spouse: John YARNALL. Sarah UNKN and John YARNALL were married. Children were: Jane YARNALL, Francis YARNALL Sr, Phillip YARNALL Sr.

Sarah UNKN died.

Spouse: James SMITH. Sarah UNKN and James SMITH were married. Children were: Elizabeth SMITH.

Sarah UNKN2184 died.

Spouse: Joseph WARREN. Sarah UNKN and Joseph WARREN were married in 1795 in Franklin Co., GA. Children were: Joseph M. WARREN, James WARREN.

Sarah UNKN767 died.

Spouse: John WARREN. Sarah UNKN and John WARREN were married in 1768 in Edgefield Co., SC.

Sarah UNKN767 died.

Spouse: Elija WARREN. Sarah UNKN and Elija WARREN were married in Edgefield Co., SC.

Living (private).

Spouse: Samuel OGDEN. Children were: Henry OGDEN, Melissa OGDEN, David OGDEN, Adeline OGDEN, Levina OGDEN.

Sarah UNKN3375 died.

Spouse: Isaac HAWK I. Children were: John HAWK.

Sarah UNKN50 died in 1842 in Augusta Co., VA.6967 Will made in 1842. Reel #849,508 Mormon Library, Salt Lake City, UT

Spouse: John WALKER. Sarah UNKN and John WALKER were married. Children were: Elizabeth WALKER, Alexander WALKER, John WALKER, Thomas WALKER, Robert WALKER, James WALKER, Jane WALKER, Patsy WALKER, Sarah WALKER, Rebecca J. WALKER, Polly WALKER.

Sarah UNKN51 was born about 1667 in VA. She died about 1731 at the age of 64 in Princess Anne Co., VA.

Spouse: Daniel HUTCHINGS. Sarah UNKN and Daniel HUTCHINGS were married about 1690 in VA. Children were: John HUTCHINGS.

Sarah UNKN51 was born about 1780. She died.

Spouse: John PAYNE. Sarah UNKN and John PAYNE were married. Children were: Keziah PAYNE.

Sarah UNKN2512 was born about 1785 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.2512

Sarah UNKN66,1458 was born in 1822 in IN.1458 She died.

Spouse: William S. BEASON (BEESON). Sarah UNKN and William S. BEASON (BEESON)1458 were married in 1841 in Wayne Co., IN.1459 Estimated from 1850 Census. Children were: Henry BEASON (BEESON), Melissa BEASON (BEESON), David BEASON (BEESON), Adaline BEASON (BEESON), Levina BEASON (BEESON).

Sarah UNKN6968 was born in 1841 in OH.6968 She died.

Spouse: John WHITEHEAD. Sarah UNKN and John WHITEHEAD6365 were married. Children were: Emma WHITEHEAD, William WHITEHEAD, Isaac WHITEHEAD, Winnie WHITEHEAD, Eva WHITEHEAD.

Sarah A. UNKN32,1865 was born in 1876 in CA.1865 She died.

Spouse: Micajah E. BROOKS. Sarah A. UNKN and Micajah E. BROOKS were married in 1894 in CA.32 Children were: Barbara J. BROOKS, Minnie J. BROOKS, Cleone BROOKS.

Sarah C. UNKN6969 was born in May 1845 in OH.6969 She died.

Spouse: James MC CRONE. Sarah C. UNKN and James MC CRONE1501 were married about 1867 in OH.1501 Children were: Henry F. MC CRONE, Thomas S. MC CRONE, Edward D. MC CRONE, James Myron MC CRONE.