Harriet Ellen MC CRARY died.476

Spouse: Davis Christopher WHELCHEL. Harriet Ellen MC CRARY and Davis Christopher WHELCHEL were married about 1888 in GA.476

Living (private).

Spouse: Dorothy Marie SPRANKLE.

William MC CREARY42,4682 was born about 1782 in PA.4682 He died.

Spouse: Marey GEORGE. Marey GEORGE and William MC CREARY were married.42

Edward D. MC CRONE4683 was born in June 1885 in Poland, Mahoning, OH.4683 He died. Parents: James MC CRONE and Sarah C. UNKN.

Living (private). Parents: James Myron MC CRONE and Ada Beatrice FLICKINGER.

Henry F. MC CRONE4684 was born in February 1880 in Poland, Mahoning, OH.4684 He died. Parents: James MC CRONE and Sarah C. UNKN.

Living (private). Parents: James Myron MC CRONE and Ada Beatrice FLICKINGER.

Living (private). Parents: James Myron MC CRONE and Ada Beatrice FLICKINGER.

James MC CRONE4685 was born in March 1839 in OH.4685 He died. Parents born in Scotland.

Spouse: Sarah C. UNKN. Sarah C. UNKN and James MC CRONE1501 were married about 1867 in OH.1501 Children were: Henry F. MC CRONE, Thomas S. MC CRONE, Edward D. MC CRONE, James Myron MC CRONE.

James Myron MC CRONE27,2953 was born on 4 June 1889 in Poland, Mahoning, OH. He died on 12 September 1976 at the age of 87. Parents: James MC CRONE and Sarah C. UNKN.

Spouse: Ada Beatrice FLICKINGER. Ada Beatrice FLICKINGER and James Myron MC CRONE27,2953 were married on 16 June 1909. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: James Myron MC CRONE and Ada Beatrice FLICKINGER.

Thomas S. MC CRONE4686 was born in March 1882 in Poland, Mahoning, OH.4686 He died. Parents: James MC CRONE and Sarah C. UNKN.

Hettie J. MC CUAN538,734,4687,4688 was born on 4 September 1881 in Johnson Co., IL.733,734,4687 She died on 28 October 1940 at the age of 59 in Johnson Co., IL.733 She was buried at Row 2, Lot 9E, Grave 2 in Gilead Cemetery, Simpson, Johnson, IL.733

Spouse: Dolphus Harmon BARNWELL. Hettie J. MC CUAN and Dolphus Harmon BARNWELL728,731,732,733,734 were married on 30 June 1895 at Gilead Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Simpson Township, Johnson, IL in Johnson Co., IL.655,732

Living (private).

Spouse: William Anderson BARNWELL.

Unkn MC CUAN538 died.

Spouse: Susan E. HUNDLEY. Susan E. HUNDLEY and Unkn MC CUAN were married.

Emma MC CULLOCK125 died.

Spouse: James BLALOCK. Emma MC CULLOCK and James BLALOCK were married. Children were: Living.

Eliza MC CUNE was born on 17 September 1838. She died on 31 July 1898 at the age of 59.

Children were: Joseph Andrew THOMPSON.

Donald William MC DONALD42 died.

Spouse: Mary Eva SANGSTON. Mary Eva SANGSTON and Donald William MC DONALD were married. Children were: Rita Viola MC DONALD.

Living (private). Parents: Unkn MC DONALD and Bessie Mina SCHUESSLER.

Children were: Living.

Rita Viola MC DONALD42 died on 4 April 2004 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA.423 Parents: Donald William MC DONALD and Mary Eva SANGSTON.

Spouse: Earl BARNWELL. Rita Viola MC DONALD and Earl BARNWELL were married on 11 December 1930 in Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA..42 Children were: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living.

Spouse: Living.

Unkn MC DONALD1588 died.

Spouse: Bessie Mina SCHUESSLER. Bessie Mina SCHUESSLER and Unkn MC DONALD were married. Children were: Living.

Cletus W. MC DOUGAL4689,4690 was born in 1922 in AR.4689 He died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Dewane MC DOUGAL4691 was born in 1938 in AR.4691 He died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Earl C. MC DOUGAL538,1236,4692,4693 was born in 1895 in AR.1236,4692 He died.

Spouse: Rosa Jewel BARNWELL. Rosa Jewel BARNWELL and Earl C. MC DOUGAL were married on 2 December 1914 in Jackson Co., AR.1236 License date: 20 Dec 1920. Children were: Zelva R. MC DOUGAL, Ethel C. MC DOUGAL, Cletus W. MC DOUGAL, Ogen M. MC DOUGAL, Vida J. MC DOUGAL, Mastell J. MC DOUGAL, Thirl MC DOUGAL, Mollie MC DOUGAL, Dewane MC DOUGAL.

Ethel C. MC DOUGAL4694 was born in 1920 in AR.4694 She died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Mastell J. MC DOUGAL4695,4696 was born in 1929 in AR.4695 He died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Mollie MC DOUGAL4697 was born in 1935 in AR.4697 She died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Ogen M. MC DOUGAL4698,4699 was born in 1924 in AR.4698 He died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Thirl MC DOUGAL4700 was born in 1932 in AR.4700 He died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Vida J. MC DOUGAL4701,4702 was born in 1926 in AR.4701 She died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Zelva R. MC DOUGAL4703 was born on 20 December 1917 in Union Hill, Jackson, AR.1625,4703 She died. Parents: Earl C. MC DOUGAL and Rosa Jewel BARNWELL.

Spouse: Unkn BIGGS. Zelva R. MC DOUGAL and Unkn BIGGS1625 were married.1625

Spouse: Vern STIENBARGER. Zelva R. MC DOUGAL and Vern STIENBARGER were married on 22 October 1949 in LaGrange Co., IN.1625

Mary MC ELHENNY37 was born on 18 July 1796 in PA. She died before 1880 at the age of 84.

Spouse: John R. ROSEBERRY. Mary MC ELHENNY and John R. ROSEBERRY were married. Children were: Isaac ROSEBERRY, Joseph ROSEBERRY, Jane ROSEBERRY, James ROSEBERRY, Matilda ROSEBERRY, Glen ROSEBERRY, Loren Tiffany ROSEBERRY, Marshall ROSEBERRY, Mary ROSEBERRY.

Bertha Maude MC ELHINEY *77,79,4704,4705,4706 was born on 19 November 1896 in Red Oak, Montgomery, IA. She died on 5 December 1987 at the age of 91 in Olathe, Montrose, CO. She was buried in Delta Municipal Cemetery, Delta, Delta, CO. Parents: Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY * and Sarah Isabelle ROSEBERRY.

Spouse: Clarence Clay HARVEY. Bertha Maude MC ELHINEY * and Clarence Clay HARVEY were married on 27 August 1917 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.77,79 Children were: Gladys Mary HARVEY, Doris Helen HARVEY, Richard Joseph HARVEY *, Lois Isabel HARVEY, Living, Living.

James MC ELHINEY79,4707 was born in 1900 in Montgomery Co., IA.79 He died. Parents: Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY * and Sarah Isabelle ROSEBERRY.

John MC ELHINEY77,79 was born in Ireland. He died.

Spouse: Mary UNKN. Children were: John Benson MC ELHINEY.

John Benson MC ELHINEY42,77,79 was born on 5 December 1790 in Ireland. He died on 15 October 1871 at the age of 80. Parents: John MC ELHINEY and Mary UNKN.

Spouse: Mary STEER *. Mary STEER * and John Benson MC ELHINEY were married about 1815. Children were: Thomas Smith MC ELHINEY *.

Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY *77,79,4708,4709,4710,4711 was born on 15 May 1873 in Stephenson Co., IL.79 He died on 23 April 1947 at the age of 73 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.79 He was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Ft. Morgan, CO.79 1900 Census has surname spelled as 'MaElhiney'. Parents: Thomas Smith MC ELHINEY * and Matilda Ann SMITH.

Spouse: Sarah Isabelle ROSEBERRY. Sarah Isabelle ROSEBERRY and Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY *79,2312 were married on 8 April 1896 in Montgomery Co., IA.4712 Married by H. V. Dale, Preacher. Witnessed by Glen Roy Roberts and Louisa Roseberry. Children were: Bertha Maude MC ELHINEY *, James MC ELHINEY, William B. MC ELHINEY, Ladoska MC ELHINEY.

Ladoska MC ELHINEY79,4713 was born in 1906 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.79 She died. Parents: Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY * and Sarah Isabelle ROSEBERRY.

Thomas Smith MC ELHINEY *77,79,292 was born on 26 December 1834 in Edgar Co., IL. He died on 3 January 1901 at the age of 66 in Grove Township, Pottowatomie, IA.4714 He was buried on 4 January 1901 at Plot 14 in Center Ridge Cemetery, Montgomery Co., IA. Find a Grave--- Parents: John Benson MC ELHINEY and Mary STEER *.

Spouse: Elizabeth ASKEY. Elizabeth ASKEY and Thomas Smith MC ELHINEY * were married on 10 October 1859 in Stephenson Co., IL.292

Spouse: Matilda Ann SMITH. Matilda Ann SMITH and Thomas Smith MC ELHINEY *79 were married on 19 December 1864.79 Children were: Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY *.

William B. MC ELHINEY79,4707,4715 was born in 1903 in Montgomery Co., IA.79 He died. Parents: Joseph Benson MC ELHINEY * and Sarah Isabelle ROSEBERRY.

Nathan Alfred MC ELWAIN277 was born on 27 January 1876 in Wainville, Webster, WV. He died.

Spouse: Bertha Alice COCHRAN.

Dugal MC FARLAND1460 died.

Spouse: Catherine UNKN. Catherine UNKN and Dugal MC FARLAND were married.1460 Children were: Elizabeth C. "Eliza" MC FARLAND.

Elizabeth C. "Eliza" MC FARLAND31,1460,1873,1884 was born between 12 April 1812 and 1814 in TN.31,1460,1873 She died on 25 December 1875 at the age of 63 in Johnson Co., TX.31 She was buried in Laramore Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson, TX.31 John's pension application for service in the War of 1812 notes the date of marriage to Eliza McFarland -- January 19, 1849.

Information from the Ancestral File of the LDS Church indicates that all of John Brooks' children were born to Eliza McFarland. Even discounting the information provided by her descendants Mrs. McKee and Gina Goyen Paddock, Eliza was most probably too young to be the mother of this submitter's ancestor John L. Brooks and his older siblings. Based on this evidence, plus the note in the book "Brooks and Kindred Families" that Elizabeth McFarland was "a second wife," plus the date of the marriage (1849), it is clear that Eliza was John's second wife. There may even have been a third wife, name unknown; one of Gina Goyen Paddock's great-aunts thought that the name was "Frances McFarland." There is, however, no evidence for
this thinking.

In the 1870 census, Eliza was listed as 56 years of age, making her birthdate 1814. That makes her even younger than the date on her tombstone (1812).

By the time that John married Eliza McFarland in 1849, the older siblings were already married and raising their own families, with children older than their own infant uncle (James Thomas Brooks). It is perfectly possible that the descendants of the older children considered Eliza McFarland to be their mother or grandmother.

Descendants of John Brooks, Esq
e-mail from Nancy Shire

6 Sep 2007
Descendant of John and Elizabeth Taler Brooks. Parents: Dugal MC FARLAND and Catherine UNKN.

Spouse: John BROOKS. Elizabeth C. "Eliza" MC FARLAND and John BROOKS were married on 19 January 1849 in Carroll Co., GA.31,1460 Children were: James Thomas BROOKS, Joseph Henry "Joe" BROOKS, William Alexander BROOKS.

Ruth A. MC FARLAND65 was born on 30 May 1905 in Service, PA. She died on 5 November 1985 at the age of 80 in Youngstown, Mahoning, OH. She was buried in Fair Oaks Cemetery, New Wilmington, Lawrence, PA.

Spouse: Walter H. STEER. Ruth A. MC FARLAND and Walter H. STEER were married on 18 May 1939. Children were: Carl R. STEERE, James K. STEERE, Margaret A. STEERE, Helen M. STEERE.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Deborah MC GAINE1462,2961,3775 was born on 9 August 1810 in Columbiana Co., OH.3775 She died on 20 September 1901 at the age of 91 in Camden, Hillsdale, MI.3775 Obit published in the "Camden Advance", Camden, Michigan, Friday, Sept. 27, 1901
was born in 1810 in Columbiana Co., Ohio, died in Camden, Michigan. Sept. 20, 1901, at the age of 91 years, 1 month and 18 days.
She was married to E. B. Hoadley at the age of 20 years. He preceded her though the golden gates nearly five years ago. She leaves seven children besides grandchildren and other relatives to mourn their loss. Sister Hoadley was long sick, often suffering much pain, yet she was tenderly and lovingly cared for by her daughters and grandson. She retained her mental faculties to the last in a remarkable degree.
It may be said of her as of the patriarch of old, she died in a good old age, full of days and full of years. She became a christian at the age of 17 and has been a faithful christian all her life. In the months of protracted sickness she would often be quoting hymns and passages of scriptures learned in early life. Funeral services were performed by Geo. L. Mount at the house of her daughter, Mrs. Ellis, Sunday morning Sept. 27, 1901 and the remains taken to Columbia, O. and laid beside the remains of her dear husband. Thus another of the old setlers has gone.
=From the files of H. Ray Skelton=
--- e-mail from Ron Miller (millrl@aol.com) on 22 Oct 2005--- She was buried in Columbia, Stark, OH.3775

Spouse: Ebenezer B. HOADLEY. Deborah MC GAINE and Ebenezer B. HOADLEY were married on 8 January 1829 in OH.3775 Children were: Emily Melissa "Emma" HOADLEY.

Elizabeth Ann MC GEE157 was born on 29 April 1820 in Bellafonte, Centre, PA.534 She died on 24 June 1879 at the age of 59 in Lane Co., KS.534 She was buried in Quaker Cemetery, Lane, Miame, KS.534 Parents: James MC GEE and Mary BARNHART.

Spouse: John E. MITCHELL. Elizabeth Ann MC GEE and John E. MITCHELL were married on 28 January 1838 in Burnside Township, Clearfield, PA.157,534 Children were: David MITCHELL, Mary Ellen MITCHELL, James MITCHELL, Ann Elizabeth MITCHELL, Thomas McGee MITCHELL, Margaret MITCHELL, John MITCHELL, Infant MITCHELL, Virginia MITCHELL, Orlena MITCHELL, Henry MITCHELL, Samuel MITCHELL.

James MC GEE534 was born in 1791 in Centre Co., PA.534 He died.

Spouse: Mary BARNHART. Mary BARNHART and James MC GEE were married.534 Children were: Elizabeth Ann MC GEE.

James MC GEOUGH30 died.

Spouse: Gladys CONRAD. Gladys CONRAD and James MC GEOUGH were married.