Lula M. UNKN788,3258 was born in March 1876 in MO.788,3258 She died.

Spouse: Edward W. GIESLER. Lula M. UNKN and Edward W. GIESLER were married.788

Lulu UNKN686 was born in 1852 in GA.686 She died.

Spouse: James BARNWELL. Lulu UNKN and James BARNWELL were married in 1875 in GA. Estimated from 1880 Federal Census. Children were: Jimmie BARNWELL, Clarence BARNWELL, George BARNWELL.

Lydia UNKN395 died.

Spouse: David REGESTER. Lydia UNKN and David REGESTER were married. Children were: Lydia REGESTER, Ann REGESTER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Robert YOUNG. Children were: Anson YOUNG.

Lydia UNKN died. She was born in England.

Spouse: Richard BARNWELL. Children were: TEST William BARNWELL -- CANADA.

Lydia UNKN238 was born on 19 January 1769 in VT or NY. She died on 27 April 1847 at the age of 78 in Wabash Co., IL.

Spouse: William SIMONDS 3rd. Children were: Susanna W. "Susan" SIMONDS.

Lydia Jane "Liddie" UNKN3751,6913,6914 was born in 1833 in PA.3751,6914 She died in 1918 at the age of 85.3751

Spouse: Sanford NEAL. Lydia Jane "Liddie" UNKN and Sanford NEAL3751 were married. Children were: Orin Lee NEAL, Laura Bell NEAL, Anstrus Ann NEAL, James NEAL.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

M. E. UNKN314 died.

Spouse: C. L. MASSEY. M. E. UNKN and C. L. MASSEY were married. Children were: Edwin Luther MASSEY.

M. Edith UNKN473 was born calculated 1906 in Alabama, United States. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:FamilySearch Id] Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Graham, De Kalb, Alabama; Roll: 12; Page: 25B; Enumeration District: 24; Image: 748.0.-m. Edith age 26,b. ALA- md age 20

Spouse: C. Wallace BAILEY. M. Edith UNKN and C. Wallace BAILEY were married calculated 1926 in DeKalb, Alabama, United States.

M. J. UNKN died.

Spouse: J. W. PETTIGREW. Children were: Margaret Austella PETTIGREW.

Mabel UNKN77 was born in November 1872 in CA.

Spouse: George C. MORROW. Mabel UNKN and George C. MORROW were married in 1896 in Amador Co., CA.

Magdene UNKN6915 was born in 1886 in Russia.6916 She died.

Spouse: Henry J. SEWALD. Magdene UNKN and Henry J. SEWALD6049 were married estimated 1910 in Russia. Children were: Adam SEWALD, Catherine SEWALD, Amelia SEWALD, Living, Alex SEWALD, Gertrude SEWALD, Joseph SEWALD, Jacob SEWALD, Peter SEWALD.

Mahala UNKN1812 was born in 1829 in OH.1812 She died.

Spouse: William W. MORTON. Mahala UNKN and William W. MORTON were married about 1848 in Ewington, Gallia, OH. Estimated from 1850 Census. Children were: Minerva MORTON.

Malinda UNKN2216 was born in 1821 in GA.2216 She died.

Spouse: Jesse HENDRIX. Malinda UNKN and Jesse HENDRIX were married.2216

Malinda UNKN5488 was born in 1855 in IN.5488 She died.

Spouse: John H. PILKENTON. Malinda UNKN and John H. PILKENTON were married about 1868 in IN.5488 Based on 1880 Federal Census. Children were: Henry M. PILKENTON, George R. PILKENTON, Lillie May PILKENTON, Lydia A. PILKENTON.

Mamie UNKN6917 was born in 1874.6917 She died.

Children were: John Harold SHAW.

Maranda E. UNKN5147,6918 was born in July 1857 in WI.6918 She died.

Spouse: Wallace MORTON. Maranda E. UNKN and Wallace MORTON were married about 1883 in WI. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Mande E. MORTON, Ada MORTON, Alva MORTON, Almeder MORTON, Waunetta I. MORTON, Carmine MORTON.

Margaret UNKN395 died.

Spouse: John BAKER. Margaret UNKN and John BAKER were married.

Margaret UNKN47,538 died.

Spouse: Robert BARNHILL Sr. Margaret UNKN and Robert BARNHILL Sr were married. Children were: John BARNHILL (BARNWELL), James BARNHILL (BARNWELL), Robert BARNHILL (BARNWELL) Jr, William BARNHILL (BARNWELL), Joseph BARNHILL (BARNWELL), Sarah BARNHILL (BARNWELL).

Margaret UNKN166,202 was born in MD. She died.

Spouse: Porter NEWELL. Margaret UNKN and Porter NEWELL were married about 1830 in OH. Children were: Elizabeth NEWELL, Rachel NEWELL, Henry NEWELL.

Margaret UNKN121 died.

Spouse: John SHEWRINGE. Margaret UNKN and John SHEWRINGE were married. Children were: Alice SHEWRINGE.

Margaret UNKN47 died.

Spouse: Horace BARNWELL. Margaret UNKN and Horace BARNWELL47 were married in 1894. 1910 Census, Cumberland Co., TN. Children were: Gideon BARNWELL, Arthur BARNWELL, Bessie BARNWELL.

Margaret UNKN1208 died.

Spouse: David MITCHELL Sr. Margaret UNKN and David MITCHELL Sr were married before 1809. Children were: James MITCHELL, Thomas MITCHELL.

Margaret UNKN26 died.

Spouse: George C. SCHEIDEMAN. Margaret UNKN and George C. SCHEIDEMAN were married.26 Children were: Eleanor M. SCHEIDEMAN.

Margaret UNKN died on 24 July 1681 in Northhampton, Hampshire, MA.. She was born in England.

Spouse: Samuel WRIGHT. Margaret UNKN and Samuel WRIGHT were married. Children were: Samuel WRIGHT Jr.

Margaret UNKN was born about 1693. She died about 1792 at the age of 99.

Spouse: John RISK. Margaret UNKN and John RISK were married. Children were: Hannah RISK.

Margaret UNKN was born in 1810. She died in 1849 at the age of 39.

Spouse: Eli MC ADAMS. Children were: Julia Ann MC ADAMS, Levi Bedford MC ADAMS.

Margaret UNKN79 was born in 1811 in OH. She died.

Spouse: Beauchamp HARVEY. Margaret UNKN and Beauchamp HARVEY were married. Children were: Samuel HARVEY, Susanah HARVEY, Calvin B. HARVEY, Linda HARVEY, Unkn HARVEY.

Margaret UNKN6919 was born in 1814 in KY.6919 She died. Living with son, Joel in 1880

Spouse: Unkn SOLLARS. Children were: Joel Jackson SOLLARS, Jacob J. SOLLARS.

Margaret UNKN65,2703 was born in 1838 in PA.2703 She died.

Spouse: George FINCH. Margaret UNKN and George FINCH were married about 1860. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Mary J. FINCH, Florence FINCH, Dora B. FINCH, Almeda M. FINCH, Clara FINCH, James H. FINCH, Olive E. FINCH.

Margaret UNKN6920 was born in 1867 in PA.6920 She died. Living with son Ralph and family in 1940.

Spouse: James K. STEWART. Children were: Ralph Pierre STEWART.

Margaret UNKN1358,3520 was born in 1870 in GA.3520 She died.

Spouse: James Robert HANSON. Margaret UNKN and James Robert HANSON were married about 1891 in GA. Children were: T. Ray HANSON, B. May HANSON, D. Edward HANSON, D. Clyde HANSON.

Margaret UNKN84 was born in October 1870 in OH. She died.

Spouse: Stephan A. ALKIRE. Margaret UNKN and Stephan A. ALKIRE were married about 1890 in OH. Children were: Anna ALKIRE, Warner ALKIRE, Stella ALKIRE, Fred ALKIRE.

Margaret UNKN27 was born about 1882 in PA. She died.

Spouse: Leroy F. BEIGHT. Margaret UNKN and Leroy F. BEIGHT were married. Children were: Lawrence BEIGHT, Ralph BEIGHT, Lilian BEIGHT, Ruth BEIGHT.

Margaret A. UNKN6921 was born in 1853 in PA.6921 She died.

Spouse: George SCHAFER (SHAFFER). Margaret A. UNKN and George SCHAFER (SHAFFER)3806 were married estimated 1872 in PA. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Adam Calvin SCHAFER, Annie C. SCHAFER, Alva SCHAFER.

Margaret C. UNKN37 was born about 1851. She died in June 1872 at the age of 21.

Spouse: John A. ROSEBERRY. Margaret C. UNKN and John A. ROSEBERRY were married.

Marget UNKN66 died.

Spouse: Conrad STRADER. Marget UNKN and Conrad STRADER were married about 1751.6433

Maria L. UNKN6922 was born in MI.6922 No birth date given in 1900 Census. She died.

Spouse: Jasper Esten WHELCHEL. Maria L. UNKN and Jasper Esten WHELCHEL were married about 1896 in GA. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Longstreet E. WHELCHEL, John E. WHELCHEL.

Mariah UNKN6923 was born in 1833 in OH.6923 She died.

Spouse: Peter ENGLES Jr. Mariah UNKN and Peter ENGLES Jr2862 were married.2862 Children were: Rhoda E. ENGLES, John W. ENGLES, Baulser ENGLES.

Marie UNKN21 died.

Spouse: Jack MCBRIDE. Marie UNKN and Jack MCBRIDE were married. Children were: Living.

Marie Elizabeth UNKN1463,4590,4591 was born in January 1845 in Germany.3065,6924 She died.

Spouse: John F. MAST Sr. Marie Elizabeth UNKN and John F. MAST Sr were married about 1863 in OH.4590 Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Alice MAST, William MAST, John F. MAST Jr, Clara MAST, Hattie MAST, Emma MAST.

Marly L. UNKN6925 was born in 1875 in GA.6925 She died.

Spouse: Marion SILVEY. Marly L. UNKN and Marion SILVEY6210 were married estimated 1895 in GA.6210 Children were: Jesse H. SILVEY, John Arthur SILVEY.

Martha UNKN125 died.

Spouse: G. F. RICHMOND. Martha UNKN and G. F. RICHMOND were married. Children were: Fannie RICHMOND.

Martha UNKN died.

Spouse: Nathan N. BRAMLETTE. Martha UNKN and Nathan N. BRAMLETTE were married on 27 January 1850 in Hall Co., GA.

Martha UNKN767 died.

Spouse: William WARREN. Martha UNKN and William WARREN were married.

Martha UNKN6926 was born in 1787 in MA.6926 She died. Living with daughter, Elizabeth A. Cazel and family in 1850.

Spouse: Unkn LANE. Martha UNKN and Unkn LANE were married. Children were: Elizabeth A. LANE.

Martha UNKN2196 was born in 1834 in OH.2196 She died.

Spouse: William Henry CAZEL. Martha UNKN and William Henry CAZEL2196 were married estimated 1853 in Clermont Co., OH.2196 Children were: Thomas J. CAZEL, Harriet A. CAZEL, Robert H. CAZEL, Sarah A. CAZEL, George H. CAZEL, Louisa J. CAZEL, John D. CAZEL, Melie B. CAZEL, Minnia A. CAZEL.

Martha UNKN26,6927 was born in 1850 in GA.6927 She died.

Spouse: Thomas J. WARREN. Martha UNKN and Thomas J. WARREN were married about 1869 in GA.6927 Children were: Henry Thornton WARREN, Robert WARREN, Budd WARREN, Callie WARREN, Fredonia WARREN, George WARREN, Arthur WARREN.

Martha UNKN6928 was born in October 1871 in PA.6928 She died. Mattie in the 1900 Census.

Spouse: Perry Ulysses KELLY. Martha UNKN and Perry Ulysses KELLY were married.28 Children were: Bertha KELLY, William KELLY, James KELLY, Edward KELLY, Rosette KELLY.