Elizabeth UNKN54 was born in 1675. She died about 1745 at the age of 70.54

Spouse: Mathew RUSHING. Elizabeth UNKN and Mathew RUSHING were married.54 Children were: William D. RUSHING Sr.

Elizabeth UNKN was born about 1681 in England. She died.

Spouse: Hugh IVEY. Elizabeth UNKN and Hugh IVEY were married about 1699 in England. Children were: Mary Rebecca IVEY.

Elizabeth UNKN42 was born in 1752 in Jackson, (Hall) Co., GA. She died.

Spouse: William WILCHEY. Elizabeth UNKN and William WILCHEY were married. Children were: Mary WILCHEY.

Elizabeth UNKN2216 was born in 1806 in SC.. She died after 1880 at the age of 74. Possible mother of H. H. Crain.

Spouse: Unkn CRAIN. Elizabeth UNKN and Unkn CRAIN were married. Children were: William H. CRAIN.

Elizabeth UNKN157,2703 was born on 2 June 1813 in PA.2703 She died on 3 June 1891 at the age of 78.

Spouse: Jacob MITCHELL. Elizabeth UNKN and Jacob MITCHELL were married in PA.157 Children were: Fannie MITCHELL, Joseph MITCHELL, Margaret MITCHELL, Lillian MITCHELL.

Elizabeth UNKN3259,3260,6856 was born in 1815 in TN.6856 She died.

Spouse: John GIESLER Sr. Elizabeth UNKN and John GIESLER Sr were married in Maries Co., MO. Children were: Joshua GIESLER, William GIESLER, John GIESLER Jr.

Elizabeth UNKN6857 was born in 1820 in TN.6857 She died.

Spouse: George RILEY. Elizabeth UNKN and George RILEY1812 were married about 1844 in WI. Estimated from 1850 Census. Children were: Joseph RILEY, David RILEY.

Elizabeth UNKN1358,3531 was born in 1840 in GA.3531 She died.

Spouse: Robert S. HANSON. Elizabeth UNKN and Robert S. HANSON were married in 1865 in GA. Children were: Meldona HANSON, David J. HANSON, James HANSON.

Elizabeth UNKN2878 was born in 1848 in IL.2878 She died.

Spouse: William Allen EWING. Elizabeth UNKN and William Allen EWING were married about 1873 in OH. Calculated from 1880 census. Children were: John L. EWING, James F. EWING.

Elizabeth UNKN3557 was born in 1850 in GA.3557 She died.

Spouse: John R. HARRINGTON. Elizabeth UNKN and John R. HARRINGTON were married about 1873 in GA.3557 Children were: John William HARRINGTON, Mary F. HARRINGTON, Horrace O. HARRINGTON, Riley HARRINGTON.

Elizabeth UNKN3965 was born in 1851 in DE.3965 She died.

Spouse: James JARVIS. Elizabeth UNKN and James JARVIS were married in 1876 in IL. Children were: Benjamin JARVIS.

Elizabeth UNKN6858 was born in 1855 in IN.6858 She died. Living with daughter Media and family in 1920.

Children were: Media JENNINGS, Fern JENNINGS.

Elizabeth UNKN6859 was born in 1864 in IN.6859 She died.

Spouse: E. LUCE. Children were: May LUCE, Ella Ann LUCE, Leroy LUCE, Clara G. LUCE.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" UNKN6860,6861 was born in 1875 in PA.6860 She died.

Spouse: J. Boyd ALLISON. Elizabeth "Lizzie" UNKN and J. Boyd ALLISON141 were married estimated 1900 in PA.141 Children were: James Boyd ALLISON, Dorothy ALLISON, Samuel ALLISON, Charles ALLISON, Laura J. ALLISON.

Elizabeth C. UNKN517 died.

Spouse: Edward HADLEY. Children were: Joshua HADLEY.

Elizabeth R. UNKN6862 was born in April 1850 in IN.6862

Spouse: Oliver Peebles JENKINS. Elizabeth R. UNKN and Oliver Peebles JENKINS were married about 1878 in IN.3980 Children were: Alice JENKINS, Hubert O. JENKINS, Claire JENKINS.

Ella UNKN125 died.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Ella UNKN4873 was born in 1860 in AL.4873 She died.

Spouse: Sanford J. MOORE. Ella UNKN and Sanford J. MOORE were married about 1878 in GA. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Carrie Lee MOORE.

Ella UNKN2704 was born in August 1862 in PA.2704 She died.

Spouse: Morgan REYNOLDS. Ella UNKN and Morgan REYNOLDS were married in 1891 in PA. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Freda May REYNOLDS, Clair M. REYNOLDS.

Ellen UNKN2728,5024 was born in November 1852 in WI.2728,5024 She died.

Children were: Earl MORTON, Lena MORTON.

Ellen UNKN6863,6864 was born in November 1852 in WI.6863,6864 She died.

Spouse: William Francis MORTON. Ellen UNKN and William Francis MORTON were married about 1875 in WI. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Earl MORTON, Lena MORTON.

Ellen B. UNKN32,1866 was born in 1860 in CA.1866 She died.

Spouse: Parker A. BROOKS. Ellen B. UNKN and Parker A. BROOKS were married.32 Children were: Minnie BROOKS, Carmen BROOKS.

Elsie UNKN6865 was born in 1889 in NE.6865

Spouse: Harry MC CALIP. Elsie UNKN and Harry MC CALIP4650 were married estimated 1911 in NE.4650 Children were: William G. MC CALIP, James R. MC CALIP, Leta M. MC CALIP.

Elva UNKN30 died.

Spouse: Joseph ROTHROCK. Elva UNKN and Joseph ROTHROCK were married. Children were: Living.

Ema UNKN311,6866 was born in 1845 in PA.6866 She died.

Spouse: Charles H. HOLDEN. Ema UNKN and Charles H. HOLDEN were married estimated 1866 in PA.3786 Children were: Charles B. HOLDEN, Ella F. HOLDEN, George Albert HOLDEN.

Emily UNKN died before 1936 in OH.

Spouse: William D. AVEY. Emily UNKN and William D. AVEY330 were married.330

Emily H. UNKN42,3188 was born in 1816 in OH.3188 She died. Listed as a Widow in 1880 Census.

Spouse: Thomas BROWN. Emily H. UNKN and Thomas BROWN were married.42 Children were: Mary Ann BROWN.

Emma UNKN34 died.

Spouse: Harry Alexander HICKOX. Emma UNKN and Harry Alexander HICKOX were married.

Emma UNKN65 died.

Spouse: Christian S. WOLFF. Emma UNKN and Christian S. WOLFF were married. Children were: Living.

Emma UNKN4670 died after 1921.

Spouse: Jacob MC CLURE. Emma UNKN and Jacob MC CLURE were married.4670

Emma UNKN6867 was born in 1856 in IA.6867 She died.

Spouse: Thomas BARNETT. Emma UNKN and Thomas BARNETT were married.519

Emma UNKN6868 was born in September 1876 in MN.6868 She died.

Spouse: Homer S. VOTAW. Emma UNKN and Homer S. VOTAW5658 were married about 1894.5658 Children were: Charles D. VOTAW, Dewey VOTAW.

Emma UNKN6869 was born in 1885 in IA.6869 She died.

Spouse: Ray Seldon WILLIAMS. Emma UNKN and Ray Seldon WILLIAMS6870 were married.6870

Emma J. UNKN6604 was born in 1846 in OH.6604 She died.

Spouse: Charles SWAN. Emma J. UNKN and Charles SWAN were married about 1866.6604 Children were: Mary E. SWAN, Ella D. SWAN, George T. SWAN, Charles Albert SWAN.

Emmaline UNKN37 was born on 18 July 1860 in Vermillion Co., IN. Tombstone reading. She died.

Spouse: George W. NICHOLS. Emmaline UNKN and George W. NICHOLS were married in 1885.

Spouse: George H. FISHER. Emmaline UNKN and George H. FISHER were married after 1912.

Ernstine UNKN2093 died. Information from daughters marriage records.

Spouse: Ferdinand BUTTKE. Children were: Augusta BUTTKE.

Estella UNKN6871 was born in 1875 in WI.6871

Spouse: Frank WHITEHEAD. Estella UNKN and Frank WHITEHEAD6872 were married estimated 1893 in WI.6872 Children were: Louise WHITEHEAD, Persel WHITEHEAD.

Esther UNKN166 was born about 1800. She died on 16 December 1850 at the age of 50 in Randolph Co., NC Holly Springs Monthly Meeting. Religion: Quaker.

Spouse: Zodak MENDENHALL. Esther UNKN and Zodak MENDENHALL were married on 8 April 1818 in Randolph Co., NC Holly Springs Monthly Meeting.

Esther UNKN6873 was born in 1837 in OH.6873 She died.

Spouse: William VOTAW. Esther UNKN and William VOTAW6874 were married. Children were: Cora VOTAW, Joseph E. VOTAW.

Esther A. UNKN6875,6876 was born in February 1836 in NY.6875,6876 She died.

Spouse: Lyman Morilla WARRINER. Esther A. UNKN and Lyman Morilla WARRINER were married in 1862 in NY.6875,6876

Ethel L. UNKN26,6877 was born about 1879 in MO.6877 She died.

Spouse: David Edward WARREN. Ethel L. UNKN and David Edward WARREN were married about 1900 in CO.26 Children were: Georgia WARREN, Alto WARREN, Herchel WARREN, Meade WARREN.

Spouse: Unkn SIMPSON. Ethel L. UNKN and Unkn SIMPSON were married.26

Etta UNKN6878 was born in January 1875 in IN.3122 She died.

Spouse: Edwin GEORGE. Etta UNKN and Edwin GEORGE were married about 1891 in IN. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Dorothy "Dot" GEORGE, Ina GEORGE, Mabel GEORGE, Lula C. GEORGE.

Etta UNKN5024 was born in May 1880 in IL.5024 She died.

Spouse: Earl MORTON. Etta UNKN and Earl MORTON were married in 1900 in IL.5024

Etta UNKN5024 was born in May 1880 in IL.5024 She died.

Spouse: Earl MORTON. Etta UNKN and Earl MORTON were married in 1900 in IL.5024

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Eunice UNKN191 died.

Spouse: Charles W. DIVENS. Eunice UNKN and Charles W. DIVENS were married.

Eunice UNKN88 died.

Spouse: Howard ROSEBERRY. Eunice UNKN and Howard ROSEBERRY were married. Children were: Helen ROSEBERRY, Randy ROSEBERRY, Debbie ROSEBERRY.

Eva UNKN died.

Spouse: James Sanford BARNWELL Sr.. Eva UNKN and James Sanford BARNWELL Sr. were married. Obituary: Shreveport Times, May 7, 1948. Friday. Page 8.
James Sanford Barnwell, Sr. Children were: James Sanford BARNWELL Jr, Living.

Eve E. UNKN198 was born in 1843.198 She died.

Spouse: Mathias H. HOLLOPETER. Eve E. UNKN and Mathias H. HOLLOPETER were married.198

Fanney B. UNKN4479 was born in 1834 in West Union, Morgan, IN.4479 She died.

Spouse: George W. LONG. Fanney B. UNKN and George W. LONG were married estimated 1863 in AR.4479 Children were: Lorrie F. LONG, Dr. William James LONG, James A. LONG, Robert L. LONG.