Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Althea UNKN6823 was born in February 1873 in TX.6823 She died.

Spouse: William Jackson BARNWELL. Althea UNKN and William Jackson BARNWELL were married about 1892 in TX. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Jefferson S. BARNWELL, Althea E. BARNWELL, John A. BARNWELL.

Amanda UNKN4222 was born in 1844 in GA.4222 She died.

Spouse: George Davis WHELCHEL. Amanda UNKN and George Davis WHELCHEL were married in 1867. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Jennie M. WHELCHEL, Mary M. WHELCHEL, Joseph WHELCHEL, William E. WHELCHEL, Anna E. WHELCHEL.

Amanda UNKN6824 was born in July 1854 in GA.6824 She died.

Spouse: Robert B. MOSS. Amanda UNKN and Robert B. MOSS802 were married in 1876 in GA.802 Children were: James C. MOSS, Susan MOSS, Rachel MOSS, Franklin W. MOSS, Gordon B. MOSS, Pearl MOSS, Sarah J. MOSS, Thomas W. MOSS.

Amey UNKN152 died.

Spouse: David PRUITT. Amey UNKN and David PRUITT were married. Children were: Drury PRUITT.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Michael Anderson AUSTIN, Living.

Amy UNKN545 was born about 1735.545 She died.

Spouse: Luke LEMARE. Amy UNKN and Luke LEMARE were married about 1750.545 Children were: Mary Polly LEMARE.

Ann UNKN42 died.

Spouse: Thomas THOMAS. Ann UNKN and Thomas THOMAS were married.

Ann UNKN238 died.

Spouse: Thomas SMITH. Children were: Margaret SMITH.

Ann UNKN238 died.

Spouse: John NEWGATE. Children were: Hannah NEWGATE.

Ann UNKN314 was born in England. She died in England.

Spouse: Richard SLEDGE Jr. Ann UNKN and Richard SLEDGE Jr were married in 1648 in Evercreech, Somerset, England. Children were: Charles SLEDGE.

Ann UNKN was born in England.394 She died in England.394

Spouse: Robert BAKER. Ann UNKN and Robert BAKER were married.394 Children were: Robert BAKER Sr, John BAKER, Joseph BAKER, Hannah BAKER, Mary BAKER, Sarah BAKER.

Ann UNKN1633 died.

Spouse: Silas STICKEL. Children were: Silas Jesse STICKEL.

Ann UNKN203 died about 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Typhoid Fever Mayflower passenger.

Spouse: Edward FULLER. Ann UNKN and Edward FULLER were married. Children were: Mathew FULLER, Samuel FULLER.

Ann UNKN331 was born in 1619 in London, England. She died about 1655 at the age of 36 in VA.

Spouse: Nicholas BOON. Ann UNKN and Nicholas BOON were married in 1640 in England. Children were: Thomas BOON.

Ann UNKN291 was born in 1621 in Malmesbury, England. She died in MA.

Spouse: Thomas CROMWELL. Ann UNKN and Thomas CROMWELL were married in 1640 in England. Children were: Jane CROMWELL.

Ann UNKN34 was born about 1723 in England. She died in Hilltown, Bucks, PA.

Spouse: Thomas MORRIS Sr. Children were: Thomas MORRIS Jr.

Ann UNKN1164 was born about 1742 in MD or PA.1164 She died.

Spouse: William BARNWELL II. Ann UNKN and William BARNWELL II were married about 1763 in PA or NC.1164 Children were: John BARNWELL Sr, Robert BARNWELL, David BARNWELL Sr, William BARNWELL III, Peggy BARNWELL, Edward BARNWELL, Richard BARNWELL, Temperance Ann BARNWELL.

Anna UNKN died. Missouri State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics

Source: Darrel Stewart from 12 Sep 2009

Spouse: Joseph KENWORTHY. Anna UNKN and Joseph KENWORTHY were married. Missouri State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics

Source: Darrel Stewart from 12 Sep 2009 Missouri State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics

Source: Darrel Stewart from 12 Sep 2009 Children were: Carrie A. KENWORTHY.

Living (private).

Spouse: Joseph HANNAH. Children were: David HANNAH Sr Dr..

Anna UNKN48 was born about 1786. She died after 1860 at the age of 74.

Spouse: John TUMLIN. Anna UNKN and John TUMLIN were married.

Anna UNKN was born in 1792. She died.

Spouse: Christian SHEELY/SCHULEIN. Anna UNKN and Christian SHEELY/SCHULEIN were married about 1813 in PA. Children were: Barbara SHEELY, Anna SHEELY.

Anna UNKN54 was born in 1813 in NC.54 She was buried in Williamson Co., IL.54 She died.

Spouse: Jonathan J. RUSHING. Anna UNKN and Jonathan J. RUSHING were married.

Annie UNKN125 died.

Spouse: Arthur OAKES. Annie UNKN and Arthur OAKES were married. Children were: Belcher Fuller OAKES.

Annie UNKN42,6825 was born in February 1855 in MA.6222 She died. Race: Black

Spouse: A. G. SLATER. Annie UNKN and A. G. SLATER were married about 1874.6222 Children were: Emma J. SLATER.

Annie A. UNKN6826,6827 was born in 1852 in PA.6826 She died. Living with son Charles, in 1920.
Reading, Ward 15, District 117, NARA T625, FHLF 1821538, Digital # 4384988, Image 148, Sheet 1B, Household 16, Family 16, Line 64. Age 66

Spouse: Henry HEATH. Children were: Laura M. HEATH, Charles M. HEATH, Howard R. HEATH.

Annie S. UNKN26,6828 was born in 1888 in GA.6828 She died.

Spouse: Charles E. WARREN. Annie S. UNKN and Charles E. WARREN were married about 1914 in Hall Co, GA.26

Annis M. UNKN6829 was born in 1860 in SC..6829 She died.

Spouse: M. J. SUIT. Annis M. UNKN and M. J. SUIT6473 were married estimated 1877 in SC..6473 Children were: Selena SUIT, Daniel J. SUIT.

Ardis Louise UNKN1628 died.

Spouse: Roy Cecil MORTON. Ardis Louise UNKN and Roy Cecil MORTON were married on 17 November 1951.1628

Armida UNKN4165 was born in September 1878 in NE.4165

Spouse: Horace Oscar KELLY. Armida UNKN and Horace Oscar KELLY were married about 1899 in WI.4165

Living (private). Parents: Living.

Augusta UNKN2336,2385 was born in 1824 in VA.2336 She died in WV. Living with daughter Mary and her husband in 1880.

Spouse: Unkn HOLCOMB. Augusta UNKN and Unkn HOLCOMB were married.2385 Children were: Mary Jane HOLCOMB.

Aurilla UNKN5243 was born in 1855 in IN.5243 She died.

Spouse: Daniel NICHOLS. Aurilla UNKN and Daniel NICHOLS were married about 1872 in Vermillion Co., IN.5243 Children were: Clay NICHOLS, Cary NICHOLS.

Barbara UNKN27 died.

Spouse: Clarence Edwin BURKEY. Barbara UNKN and Clarence Edwin BURKEY were married.

Barbara UNKN66 died.

Spouse: George STRADER Jr. Barbara UNKN and George STRADER Jr were married before 1812. Children were: John STRADER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Barbara UNKN3888 died.

Spouse: Jacob HUFFMAN. Children were: William HUFFMAN.

Barbara A. UNKN6830 was born in 1860 in IN.6830 She died.

Spouse: Alonzo YOUNG. Barbara A. UNKN and Alonzo YOUNG were married about 1876.6830 Children were: Benjamin YOUNG.

Barbara Jane UNKN79,6831 was born in 1835 in OH.6831 She died.

Spouse: William ALKIRE. Barbara Jane UNKN and William ALKIRE were married on 8 August 1857 in White Co., IN.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Gary R. MOWERY. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Bess UNKN37 died.

Spouse: Earl M. ROSEBERRY. Children were: Joseph A. ROSEBERRY.

Bessie UNKN37 died.

Spouse: Charles Harold ROSEBERRY. Bessie UNKN and Charles Harold ROSEBERRY were married on 6 April 1912.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Bethana UNKN2184 was born about 1768 in GA. She died after 1830 at the age of 62 in Gwinnette Co., GA.

Spouse: James WARREN. Bethana UNKN and James WARREN were married in Edgefield Co., SC. Children were: John WARREN, Jesse WARREN.

Betsy UNKN65 died.

Spouse: Benjamin LUCAS Sr. Betsy UNKN and Benjamin LUCAS Sr were married. Children were: Ann Elizabeth LUCAS.

Betsy UNKN4160 died.

Spouse: Thomas SIMMOND. Children were: W. J. SIMMOND.