Martha A. UNKN3052 was born in 1844 in KY.3052 She died.

Spouse: John GAMBLIN. Martha A. UNKN and John GAMBLIN were married.3052

Martha A. UNKN5394 was born in 1855 in GA.5394 She died.

Spouse: Herod Walter PASS. Martha A. UNKN and Herod Walter PASS were married about 1876 in GA.5394 Children were: Willie PASS, Julia PASS.

Martha A. UNKN5658 was born in October 1862 in NC. She died.

Spouse: Charles M. RHYNE. Martha A. UNKN and Charles M. RHYNE were married about 1880 in NC. Children were: Marcie RHYNE, Georgia Mae RHYNE, Mattie B. RHYNE, Lillie J. RHYNE, Lucile RHYNE.

Martha A. UNKN6929 was born in November 1875 in IA.6929 She died.

Spouse: Walter BALES. Martha A. UNKN and Walter BALES were married about 1899 in KS.467 Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Helen A. BALES.

Martha Clark UNKN166 died.

Spouse: Isaac HELMS. Martha Clark UNKN and Isaac HELMS were married.

Martha G. UNKN6930 was born in 1829 in NC.6930 She died. From marriage records of Joseph W. Pickett/Cora Barnwell.
FHLF 1689674, Index M73420-6, Reference : cn 1734, Norh Carolina-EASy

Spouse: William W. PICKETT. From marriage records of Joseph W. Pickett/Cora Barnwell.
FHLF 1689674, Index M73420-6, Reference : cn 1734, Norh Carolina-EASy were: Joseph Walker PICKETT, Martha F. PICKETT, Eliza E. PICKETT, William F. PICKETT, Margaret C. PICKETT, Emma L. PICKETT.

Mary UNKN77,79 was born in Ireland. She died.

Spouse: John MC ELHINEY. Children were: John Benson MC ELHINEY.

Mary UNKN50 died.

Spouse: Robert GIBSON. Mary UNKN and Robert GIBSON were married. Children were: Elizabeth GIBSON.

Mary UNKN157 died.

Spouse: James STEER. Mary UNKN and James STEER were married.

Mary UNKN34 died.

Spouse: Edwin Abbot FRANKLIN Sr. Mary UNKN and Edwin Abbot FRANKLIN Sr were married. Children were: Living.

Mary UNKN331 died.

Spouse: Tyra BOON. Mary UNKN and Tyra BOON were married.

Mary UNKN538 died.

Spouse: John BARNHILL (BARNWELL). Mary UNKN and John BARNHILL (BARNWELL) were married on 10 November 1786 in Orange Co., NC. Children were: Elizabeth BARNWELL, Robert BARNWELL, Margaret BARNWELL, Sarah BARNWELL, Catherine BARNWELL, Mary BARNWELL.

Mary UNKN608 died.

Spouse: Robert DEBENPORT. Mary UNKN and Robert DEBENPORT were married. Children were: Rebecca Elizabeth DEBENPORT.

Mary UNKN395 died.

Spouse: Joseph BAKER Sr. Mary UNKN and Joseph BAKER Sr were married. Children were: Sarah BAKER, Robert BAKER, John BAKER, Joseph BAKER Jr..

Mary UNKN191,3396 died.

Spouse: William SWARENGEN. Mary UNKN and William SWARENGEN were married. Children were: Sarah SWARENGEN.

Mary UNKN128 was born in PA. She died in Crawford Co., OH.

Spouse: Francis SLEE. Mary UNKN and Francis SLEE were married. Children were: Nathaniel SLEE.

Mary UNKN1467 died.

Spouse: Ebenezer WHIPPLE Jr. Mary UNKN and Ebenezer WHIPPLE Jr1467 were married. Children were: Cyrus WHIPPLE.

Mary UNKN71,1861 died.

Spouse: Steven BROOKS. Mary UNKN and Steven BROOKS were married about 1768 in Chatham Co., NC.133

Mary UNKN26 was born in West Union, Morgan, IN. She died.

Spouse: John DAVIS. Mary UNKN and John DAVIS were married about 1730 in MD. Children were: Benjamin DAVIS, John DAVIS, David DAVIS, Elizabeth DAVIS, Sarah DAVIS, Rachel DAVIS.

Mary UNKN51 died.

Spouse: Avory MUSTAIN. Mary UNKN and Avory MUSTAIN were married. Children were: Drury MUSTAIN.

Mary UNKN2277 died.

Spouse: John CHRISTIAN. Mary UNKN and John CHRISTIAN were married. Children were: Drewry CHRISTIAN.

Mary UNKN54 died.

Spouse: John Paul RUSHING. Mary UNKN and John Paul RUSHING were married.54

Mary UNKN4049 died.

Mary UNKN1733 died. From daughters marriage records.

Spouse: Abram BOUORD. Children were: Margaret Bouord MILLER.

Mary UNKN2491 died. From sons marriage record.

Spouse: Michael COURTNEY. Children were: John COURTNEY.

Mary UNKN4051 died.

Mary UNKN died.

Spouse: Jonathan/John JONES. Children were: Lewis JONES.

Mary UNKN133 died in 1826 in Jasper Co., GA.31 Elijah Brooks' first wife, Mary, gave birth to four known children: Mary, Nancy, Jane, and Susan.
This information is from Wandell Brooks, P. O. Box 19, Nashoba, OK 74558. He is a descendant of Elijah Brooks.

Descendants of John Brooks, Esq
e-mail from Nancy Shire

6 Sep 2007
Descendant of John and Elizabeth Taler Brooks.

Spouse: Elijah BROOKS. Mary UNKN and Elijah BROOKS were married about 1814 in Tate, Pickens, GA.31,133

Mary UNKN394 was born before 1620 in Edgemont, Shropshire, England.394 She died on 30 August 1672 at the age of 52 in Edgemont, Shropshire, England.394

Spouse: Robert BAKER Sr. Mary UNKN and Robert BAKER Sr were married estimated 1648 in Edgemont, Shropshire, England.394 Children were: Peter BAKER, Mary BAKER, Robert BAKER Jr, Elizabeth BAKER, Margarett BAKER, Thomas BAKER, John BAKER, Joseph BAKER Sr, Hannah BAKER, Mary BAKER, Sarah BAKER.

Mary UNKN71 was born about 1712. She died.

Spouse: Zachariah MARTIN Sr. Mary UNKN and Zachariah MARTIN Sr were married about 1730 in West Union, Morgan, IN. Children were: Zachariah MARTIN Jr.

Mary UNKN42 was born about 1725 in Edgemont, Chester, PA. She died after 1764 at the age of 39 in PA.

Spouse: Aaron BAKER. Mary UNKN and Aaron BAKER were married about 1744 in Edgemont, Deleware, PA. Children were: Richard BAKER, Edward BAKER, Aaron BAKER, Thomas BAKER, William BAKER, Joseph BAKER, Elizabeth BAKER, Mary BAKER, Ann BAKER, Abigail BAKER.

Mary UNKN48 was born about 1750 in Gwinnette Co., GA. She died about 1830 at the age of 80 in Gwinnette Co., GA.

Spouse: John TUMLIN. Mary UNKN and John TUMLIN were married. Children were: John TUMLIN, William Henry TUMLIN.

Mary UNKN79 was born in 1754 in England. She died.

Spouse: Edward HARVEY. Mary UNKN and Edward HARVEY were married in 1782 in VA. Children were: Joseph HARVEY Sr.

Mary UNKN66 was born in 1757 in West Union, Morgan, IN.66 She died. Sources:
Dolores Strader IGI ver. 3.02.

Spouse: George STRADER Sr. Mary UNKN and George STRADER Sr34 were married.66 Children were: Mary STRADER, Henry STRADER, George STRADER Jr, Sophia STRADER, John STRADER, Sally STRADER, David STRADER.

Mary UNKN37,77,79 was born on 6 August 1769. She died.

Spouse: Isaac ROSEBERRY. Mary UNKN and Isaac ROSEBERRY were married. Children were: Isabelle ROSEBERRY, John R. ROSEBERRY, Margaret ROSEBERRY, Jane ROSEBERRY, James ROSEBERRY, William ROSEBERRY, Sarah ROSEBERRY, Alexander ROSEBERRY, Mary ROSEBERRY, Isaac ROSEBERRY.

Mary UNKN482 was born about 1780 in PA. She died.

Spouse: John W. BENSYL. Mary UNKN and John W. BENSYL were married about 1796. Children were: Catherine Elizabeth BENSYL, Phillip BENSYL, Mary BENSYL, Sarah BENSYL, Lydia BENSYL, John W. BENSYL, Rachel BENSYL, Hannah BENSYL, Balser BENSYL, Lewis BENSYL.

Mary UNKN1817,6535,6931,6932,6933 was born in January 1818 in PA.1817,6535,6931,6933 She died. Living with son, William B. Williams in 1900.

Spouse: Samuel WILLIAMS. Mary UNKN and Samuel WILLIAMS were married about 1845 in PA.1817 Estimated from birth of children, Samuel and Eliza. Children were: Samuel WILLIAMS, Eliza WILLIAMS, Margaret WILLIAMS, Joseph WILLIAMS, Mary WILLIAMS, William B. WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS.

Mary UNKN1475,5544,5545 was born in 1825 in Ireland. She died on 14 August 1875 at the age of 50. She was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Leetonia, Columbiana, OH.

Spouse: James RAFFERTY. Mary UNKN and James RAFFERTY were married about 1845 in Ireland. Children were: Thomas RAFFERTY, John RAFFERTY, Peter RAFFERTY, James RAFFERTY.

Mary UNKN6934 was born in 1830 in WI.1812 She died.

Spouse: James Francis MORTON. Mary UNKN and James Francis MORTON were married about 1849 in WI. Estimated from 1850 Census. Children were: Isaballa MORTON.

Mary UNKN476,6935 was born in January 1832 in IL.6935 She died.

Spouse: John Carter BARNWELL. Mary UNKN and John Carter BARNWELL were married about 1899 in IL.476,1003

Mary UNKN6024,6936 was born in 1846 in TN.6024 She died before 1927 at the age of 81.

Spouse: William Tandy SENTER Jr. Mary UNKN and William Tandy SENTER Jr were married about 1867 in TN.6024 Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Dwit C. SENTER, Nancy J. SENTER, William T. SENTER, Mary R. SENTER, Edward SENTER, Fletcher SENTER.

Mary UNKN5398 was born in 1851 in GA.5398 She died.

Spouse: Thomas Jefferson PASS. Mary UNKN and Thomas Jefferson PASS were married.5398

Mary UNKN6937 was born in 1857 in West Union, Morgan, IN.6937 She died.

Spouse: Thomas WARREN. Mary UNKN and Thomas WARREN were married about 1872 in West Union, Morgan, IN. Estimated from 1880 Federal Census. Children were: Sarah WARREN, Nannie WARREN, Rachel WARREN, Mary WARREN.

Mary UNKN40 was born in 1858 in OH.40 She died.

Spouse: Martin ADAMS. Mary UNKN and Martin ADAMS were married in 1879 in Jay Co., IN.40 Children were: William ADAMS.

Mary UNKN125,2866 was born in 1858 in MO.2866 She died. 2nd wife of David Samuel Eslick, Sr

Spouse: David Samuel ESLICK Sr. Mary UNKN and David Samuel ESLICK Sr were married on 28 December 1876 in Moniteau Co., MO.125 Children were: Amos ESLICK, Laura B. ESLICK.

Mary A. UNKN37 died.

Spouse: James M. SHARRAR. Mary A. UNKN and James M. SHARRAR were married. Children were: William A. SHARRAR.

Mary A. UNKN died.

Spouse: William Verne DAWSON. Mary A. UNKN and William Verne DAWSON were married. Children were: Roy DAWSON, Georgia DAWSON.

Mary A. UNKN6938 was born in 1824 in KY.6938 She died.

Spouse: Joseph RICH. Mary A. UNKN and Joseph RICH5666 were married estimated 1839 in IN.5666 Children were: Josephus RICH, Sarah Elma RICH, Betsey A. RICH, George J. RICH.

Mary A. UNKN6559 was born in 1849 in OH.6559 She died.

Spouse: Newton Austin SUNDERLAND. Mary A. UNKN and Newton Austin SUNDERLAND were married about 1874. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Lulu B. SUNDERLAND.

Mary A. UNKN2285,2840 was born in May 1857 in PA.2840 She died.

Spouse: Jefferson SUNDERLAND. Mary A. UNKN and Jefferson SUNDERLAND were married estimated 1873 in PA. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Henry N. SUNDERLAND, John SUNDERLAND, James I. SUNDERLAND, Horace SUNDERLAND, George A. SUNDERLAND, William C. SUNDERLAND, Maud R. SUNDERLAND, Harriet Bell SUNDERLAND, Annie M. SUNDERLAND, Harry J. SUNDERLAND.