Fannie UNKN473,6879 was born on 20 April 1862 in McMinn Co., TN. She died on 17 May 1895 at the age of 33 in McMinn Co., TN.

Spouse: George W. DAVIS. Children were: Thomas H. DAVIS, Julia DAVIS, Omie DAVIS, William T. DAVIS.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Frances UNKN203 was born in England. She died in England.

Spouse: Mathew FULLER. Frances UNKN and Mathew FULLER were married.

Frances UNKN31 died.

Spouse: Thomas HUBBARD. Frances UNKN and Thomas HUBBARD were married.31

Frances UNKN584 was born in 1755 in Pendleton District, Wolf Creek, SC. She died after 1840 at the age of 85.

Spouse: John WEAVER. Frances UNKN and John WEAVER were married on 20 January 1783 in VA.

Frances UNKN6880 was born in 1908 in ID.6880

Spouse: John Wayne BONNALIE. Frances UNKN and John Wayne BONNALIE were married estimated 1929 in ID. Children were: Clara M. BONNALIE, Joyce BONNALIE, Carol D. BONNALIE.

Francis UNKN26 died.

Spouse: William A. STEWART. Francis UNKN and William A. STEWART were married. Children were: William Lloyd STEWART.

Francis UNKN476 was born about 1842 in GA.476 She died.

Spouse: John PINSON. Francis UNKN and John PINSON were married on 18 August 1859 in Rusk Co., TX.476

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Gertrude UNKN648 was born in 1898 in GA.905 She died.

Spouse: Gordon Arley BARNWELL. Gertrude UNKN and Gordon Arley BARNWELL were married in 1914 in GA.905

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Gladys UNKN was born on 8 March 1914 in Alabama, United States. She died in March 1985 at the age of 71 in Albertville, Marshall, Alabama, United States. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:FamilySearch Id] Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Albertville, Marshall, Alabama; Roll: 39; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 7; Image: 730.0.-Gladys age 16,b. ALA- parents b. ALA- md age 15

Social Security Death Index <> about Gladys Whitmire
Name: Gladys Whitmire
SSN: 422-96-6055
Last Residence: 35950 Albertville, Marshall, Alabama, United States of America
Born: 8 Mar 1914
Died: Mar 1985
State (Year) SSN issued: Alabama (1975)

Spouse: Gustal A. WHITMIRE. Gladys UNKN and Gustal A. WHITMIRE were married calculated 1928 in Albertville, Marshall, Alabama, United States. Children were: Living.

Grace E. UNKN1364 was born in October 1873 in WI. She died.

Spouse: Myron RINEHART. Grace E. UNKN and Myron RINEHART were married about 1898 in WI. Children were: Clarence RINEHART.

Gregg UNKN3308 died.3308 Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Haiganoush UNKN2456 was born in Syria. She died.

Spouse: Johvannes PAKOSSIAN. Haiganoush UNKN and Johvannes PAKOSSIAN were married. Children were: Rose PAKOSSIAN, Isabelle PAKOSSIAN, Jeannette PAKOSSIAN, Emma PAKOSSIAN.

Hannah UNKN79 died.

Spouse: Isaac JENKINS. Hannah UNKN and Isaac JENKINS were married.

Hannah UNKN34 died.

Spouse: Joseph HIATT. Children were: Phebe HIATT.

Hannah UNKN died before 1927.

Spouse: George B. MC CLURE. Hannah UNKN and George B. MC CLURE4669 were married.4669

Hannah UNKN54 was born about 1755.54 She died about 1815 at the age of 60.54

Spouse: Phillip J. RUSHING. Hannah UNKN and Phillip J. RUSHING were married.54

Hannah M. UNKN65 died.

Spouse: Perry John WOLESLAGLE. Hannah M. UNKN and Perry John WOLESLAGLE were married. Children were: Laura WOLESLAGLE, May WOLESLAGLE, Emma WOLESLAGLE.

Harriet UNKN5221 died. From Daughters marriage record.

Spouse: Joseph MYERS. From Daughters marriage record.Children were: Roburta Florence MYERS.

Harriet P. UNKN6881 was born in March 1839 in GA.6881 She died. Listed as a Widow in the 1900 Census.
Living with Daughter, Florence Owen Chambers in 1900.

Spouse: William C. OWEN. Harriet P. UNKN and William C. OWEN5326 were married.802,5325 Children were: William W. OWEN, Florence E. OWEN.

Hattie UNKN5658 was born in September 1845 in NY. She died. Living with son Omar L. Mc Cartney in 1900.

Spouse: Unkn MC CARTNEY. Hattie UNKN and Unkn MC CARTNEY were married. Children were: Omar Levi MC CARTNEY.

Helen UNKN6882 died.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Helen UNKN6883 was born in 1854 in PA.6883 She died.

Spouse: Richard D. ANSTINE. Helen UNKN and Richard D. ANSTINE189 were married estimated 1877 in IA.189 Children were: George F. ANSTINE, Earl R. ANSTINE, Bertha M. ANSTINE, Charley A. ANSTINE, *Ta ANSTINE, Grover F. ANSTINE, Seth Richard ANSTINE, Roy ANSTINE, Charles ANSTINE.

Helen UNKN34 was born on 23 September 1899 in SD. She died on 9 February 1975 at the age of 75 in Glendale, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.

Spouse: Volney C. MORTON.

Herman UNKN51,52 died.

Spouse: Susanah RAMSEY. Susanah RAMSEY and Herman UNKN were married on 4 February 1786.

Ida UNKN6884,6885 was born in November 1863 in MI.6884 She died.

Spouse: Edward M. SERVISS. Ida UNKN and Edward M. SERVISS were married estimated 1883. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Emma A. SERVISS, David SERVISS, James Alvin SERVISS, George E. SERVISS, Lucy SERVISS, Lucilla SERVISS.

Ida B. UNKN6886 was born in March 1871 in IN.6886

Spouse: James J. VOTAW. Ida B. UNKN and James J. VOTAW44 were married on 2 September 1890 in Jay Co, IN.44,6887 Name of spouse not listed. Children were: Dottie D. VOTAW, Wilson E. VOTAW, Frances K. VOTAW, Jennie O. VOTAW.

Ila UNKN37 died.

Spouse: Jesse BARTHOLOMEW. Ila UNKN and Jesse BARTHOLOMEW were married about 1903.

Ila Jean UNKN37 died.

Spouse: Robert Runyun ROSEBERRY. Ila Jean UNKN and Robert Runyun ROSEBERRY were married.

Inez W. UNKN34 was born about 1906. She died.

Spouse: Charles Harvey BLOCKSOM. Inez W. UNKN and Charles Harvey BLOCKSOM were married about 1926.

Iona UNKN6888 was born in September 1855 in TX.6888 She died.

Spouse: James B. RAPE'. Iona UNKN and James B. RAPE'958 were married about 1872 in TX.958 Children were: Tom RAPE', Guss RAPE', Girther RAPE', Reece RAPE'.

Irma UNKN4777 was born in 1914 in NE.4777 She died in 1984 at the age of 70 in NE.4777

Spouse: Arthur Harold "Art" MORTON. Irma UNKN and Arthur Harold "Art" MORTON4777 were married after 1967 in NE.4777

Isabel UNKN1603,3549,3551 was born about 1716 in Rhine River, Germany.3549 She died in VA.3549

Spouse: Michael HARPER. Isabel UNKN and Michael HARPER were married about 1737 in Germany.1603,3549 Children were: Nicholas HARPER, Jacob HARPER, Adam HARPER, Phillip HARPER, Eve C. HARPER.

Iva UNKN37 died.

Spouse: Edward L. "Eddie" ROSEBERRY. Iva UNKN and Edward L. "Eddie" ROSEBERRY were married.

Jane UNKN2069 died.

Spouse: Joseph GLANEY. Jane UNKN and Joseph GLANEY were married. Children were: James GLANEY.

Jane UNKN34 died.

Spouse: Edgar A. WILLIAMS. Jane UNKN and Edgar A. WILLIAMS34 were married.34

Jane UNKN2765,6889 was born on 6 May 1801 in NY.2765 Tombstone reading. She died on 14 July 1860 at the age of 59 in Laporte, Sullivan, PA. Tombstone reading. She was buried in Mountain Ash Cemetery, Laporte, Sullivan, PA.

Spouse: David WHITE Jr. Jane UNKN and David WHITE Jr were married about 1827 in NY.2765 Children were: James WHITE, Peter WHITE, Elizabeth WHITE, Daniel WHITE, Elicia WHITE, Jane A. WHITE, Serepta WHITE.

Jane UNKN4565 was born in 1815 in England.4565 She died.

Spouse: J. H. MARSH. Jane UNKN and J. H. MARSH were married in England.4565 Children were: Mary Elizabeth MARSH.

Jane UNKN476 was born about 1874 in Olio, Hamilton, IN.476 She died.

Spouse: Francis Marion WHELCHEL. Jane UNKN and Francis Marion WHELCHEL were married about 1895 in Olio, Hamilton, IN.476

Jane C. UNKN6890 was born in 1837 in PA.6890 She died. Living With son, J. B. Allison and family in 1910.

Spouse: S. C. ALLISON. Children were: J. Boyd ALLISON.

Jane J. UNKN6891 was born in May 1868 in GA.6891 She died.

Spouse: John Harvey BRUCE. Jane J. UNKN and John Harvey BRUCE1993 were married estimated 1899 in GA.1993

Janet UNKN25 died.

Spouse: William SMITH. Janet UNKN and William SMITH were married.25

Janita UNKN332,6892,6893 was born in 1913 in WA.6892,6893 She died before 1997 at the age of 84.332

Spouse: Lloyd W. CASTEEL. Children were: Melvin Lloyd CASTEEL, Living, Living, Living.

Jarda UNKN was born in 1874. Find a grave # 70360417. She died in 1924 at the age of 50 in Minnehaha Co., SD. Find a grave # 70360417. She was buried in Hanford Cemetery, Minnehaha Co., SD. Find a grave # 70360417. Find a grave # 70360417.

Spouse: Charles Leon FOSTER. Jarda UNKN and Charles Leon FOSTER were married about 1901 in Minnehaha Co., SD. Find a grave # 70360417. Children were: Wayne L. FOSTER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Jean UNKN6894 was born in 1914 in MO.6894 She died in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA.

Spouse: John Harold SHAW. Jean UNKN and John Harold SHAW were married estimated 1934 in MO. Children were: Living, Living.