Sarah E. UNKN4758 was born in 1843 in PA.4758 She died.

Spouse: T. A. MC KINSTRY. Sarah E. UNKN and T. A. MC KINSTRY were married about 1860. Children were: John R. MC KINSTRY, Margaret J. "Maggie" MC KINSTRY, Ellen M. MC KINSTRY.

Sarah E. UNKN6970,6971 was born in March 1861 in ME.6970,6971

Spouse: Warren RILEY. Sarah E. UNKN and Warren RILEY3004 were married in 1888 in WI.3004

Sarah J. UNKN4862 was born in 1823 in PA.6972 She died.

Spouse: David MITCHELL Jr. Sarah J. UNKN and David MITCHELL Jr were married.1918

Sarah J. UNKN2703,2704 was born in April 1852 in PA.2704,6325 She died.

Spouse: Zachariah HOLT. Sarah J. UNKN and Zachariah HOLT were married about 1870 in PA. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Thomas A. HOLT, Ester A. HOLT, John W. HOLT, Jasper Newton HOLT, George W. HOLT.

Sarah J. UNKN6973 was born in 1878 in GA.6973 She died.

Spouse: Benjamin Andrew RIVES. Sarah J. UNKN and Benjamin Andrew RIVES4463 were married.4463 Children were: Esma RIVES, Glenn Ford RIVES.

Sarah M. UNKN6974 was born in 1839 in GA.6974 She died.

Spouse: Phillip CHAMBERS. Children were: Rufus CHAMBERS.

Living (private). Parents: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Gary R. MOWERY. Children were: Living, Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Sue UNKN25 died.

Spouse: James ELLIOTT. Sue UNKN and James ELLIOTT were married.25

Susan UNKN71 died before 1890 in Cherokee Co., AL. Died in childbirth. She was born in GA.

Spouse: Samuel Posey REESE. Susan UNKN and Samuel Posey REESE were married about 1885 in GA. Children were: Unkn REESE.

Susan UNKN31 was born about 1685 in VA.31 She died in 1727 at the age of 42 in Chatham Co., NC.31

Spouse: John BROOKS Sr. Susan UNKN and John BROOKS Sr were married about 1708 in VA.31 Children were: Thomas BROOKS, Joab BROOKS, John BROOKS Jr, Mark BROOKS Sr, James BROOKS, Isaac BROOKS, Martha BROOKS.

Susan UNKN6447 was born in 1816 in TN.6447 She died.

Spouse: James STRICKLIN. Susan UNKN and James STRICKLIN were married in IL. Children were: Thomas A. STRICKLIN, Joseph W. STRICKLIN.

Susan UNKN6975 was born in 1846 in TN.6975 She died.

Spouse: Joseph Murray KEEN. Susan UNKN and Joseph Murray KEEN4099 were married estimated 1866 in MO.4100 Children were: William KEEN, Margaret KEEN.

Susan UNKN4108 was born in 1847 in GA.4108 She died.

Spouse: Joel M. KEITH. Susan UNKN and Joel M. KEITH were married about 1870 in GA. Based on 1880 Census. Children were: Florida KEITH, Freeman R. KEITH, Mathew KEITH, James G. KEITH, Mary M. KEITH, Hamilton KEITH.

Susan E. UNKN6976 was born in October 1850 in TN.6976 She died.

Spouse: James W. HOUSE. Susan E. UNKN and James W. HOUSE were married about 1879 in TN. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Charles R. HOUSE.

Susanna UNKN3839 died.

Spouse: James HOOPS. Children were: Joseph Leech HOOPS Sr.

Susanna UNKN6977 was born in 1837 in PA.6977 She died.

Spouse: Robert VOTAW. Susanna UNKN and Robert VOTAW6874 were married. Children were: Amilia VOTAW.

Susannah UNKN42 died.

Spouse: Stephen SENTER. Susannah UNKN and Stephen SENTER were married. Children were: Rev Tandy Sol SENTER.

Susannah UNKN128 was born in PA. She died in TN.

Spouse: Charles WOLFE. Susannah UNKN and Charles WOLFE were married. Children were: Jacob WOLFE.

Susannah UNKN2606,5623 was born about 1873.5623 She died.

Spouse: James Tatum REESE. Susannah UNKN and James Tatum REESE were married about 1899.2606 Children were: Jewel REESE, Carl REESE, Eddie REESE, Claud REESE, Howel REESE.

Susannah C. UNKN521 was born in 1823 in NC.521 She died in 1872 at the age of 49.521

Spouse: Isaac HADLEY. Susannah C. UNKN and Isaac HADLEY521 were married in 1849.521 Children were: Anna Jane HADLEY.

Susie UNKN34 died.

Spouse: John WILLIAMS. Susie UNKN and John WILLIAMS were married.34

Susie F. UNKN6978 was born in November 1879 in MO. She died.

Spouse: Thomas B. ABBOTT. Susie F. UNKN and Thomas B. ABBOTT were married about 1897 in MO. Children were: Cleta A. ABBOTT, Joseph H. ABBOTT.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Thelma UNKN died.

Spouse: William Earl PICKETT. Thelma UNKN and William Earl PICKETT were married.

Thursa A. UNKN6979,6980 was born in March 1855 in WV.6979 She died.

Spouse: Andrew WAUGH. Thursa A. UNKN and Andrew WAUGH6981 were married estimated 1872 in WV.6981 Children were: Lily B. WAUGH, James P. WAUGH, Mary E. WAUGH, Avaloah H. WAUGH, Ruby E. WAUGH.

Living (private). Parents: Living.

Unity UNKN31 died.

Spouse: James BROOKS. Unity UNKN and James BROOKS were married about 1810.31

Unkn UNKN3853 died.

Spouse: Rueben Troupe RIVES. Unkn UNKN and Rueben Troupe RIVES were married about 1850.480 Children were: Mary J. C. RIVES, George W. RIVES, Julia S. RIVES, Robert T. RIVES.

Unkn UNKN1352 died.

Spouse: Phillip WELLS. Unkn UNKN and Phillip WELLS1352 were married after 1846.1352,6618 Children were: Flora Celestia WELLS.

Unkn UNKN died.

Spouse: John HIATT Jr. Children were: Joseph HIATT.

Unkn UNKN died.

UNKN UNKN died before 1940.

Spouse: Ralph Pierre STEWART. UNKN UNKN and Ralph Pierre STEWART6420 were married estimated 1923. Children were: John Rate STEWART, Ralph P. STEWART, James Q. STEWART.

Vergie UNKN1358 died.

Spouse: George W. HANSON. Vergie UNKN and George W. HANSON were married.

Vespa B. UNKN169 was born on 6 September 1905. She died on 28 November 1952 at the age of 47 in Cumberland Co., TN. She was buried in Haleys Grove Cemetery, Cumberland Co., TN.

Spouse: Ernest W. BARNWELL. Vespa B. UNKN and Ernest W. BARNWELL169 were married.169

Vesta M. UNKN6605 was born in 1842 in OH.6605 She died.

Spouse: David J. SWARTS. Vesta M. UNKN and David J. SWARTS were married in OH. Children were: Harris D. SWARTS, Willard Ward SWARTS Dr.

Vina UNKN6982 was born in 1883 in UT.6982 She died.

Spouse: LeRoy BOWER. Children were: Thelma Rhoda BOWER.

Viola E. UNKN201 died.

Spouse: Darrell N. CHENOWETH. Viola E. UNKN and Darrell N. CHENOWETH were married.201

Virginia UNKN88 died.

Spouse: Lyle ROSEBERRY. Virginia UNKN and Lyle ROSEBERRY were married. Children were: Linda ROSEBERRY, Michael ROSEBERRY, Carol ROSEBERRY.

Virginia UNKN6983 was born in 1852 in TX.6983 She died.

Spouse: John Stark RAPE'. Virginia UNKN and John Stark RAPE'5593 were married.5593

William UNKN238 died.

Children were: George LEGIER Sr.

Winney UNKN767,6984 died after 1790 in Cloud Creek, Edgefield, SC. She was born in VA.

Spouse: Rev James WARREN. Winney UNKN and Rev James WARREN were married about 1738 in VA. Children were: John WARREN, Elija WARREN, Jesse John WARREN, Winifred "Winnie" WARREN, William WARREN, Samuel WARREN, Thomas WARREN.

Wylmyn UNKN238 was born about 1474 in England. She died in England.

Spouse: Gerard JOHNSON. Wylmyn UNKN and Gerard JOHNSON were married. Children were: William JOHNSON.

Zelma UNKN6985 was born in January 1866 in MO.6985 She died.

Spouse: Columbus ALLEN. Zelma UNKN and Columbus ALLEN117 were married about 1897 in MO. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Charles E. ALLEN.

Madge I. UPDIKE42 died.

Spouse: Clarence A. WILSON. Madge I. UPDIKE and Clarence A. WILSON were married. Children were: Living.