Jeanette E. UNKN6895,6896 was born in 1873 in MO.6895

Spouse: James Henderson BATEMAN. Jeanette E. UNKN and James Henderson BATEMAN were married estimated 1889 in MO.1386 Children were: Leslie F. BATEMAN, Helen H. BATEMAN.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Jemima UNKN6897 was born in 1803 in VA.6897 She died after 1880 at the age of 77. Probably KS

Spouse: Nathan BALES. Children were: Clark BALES, Thomas C. BALES.

Jennie UNKN1755 was born in February 1863 in PA. She died.

Spouse: John T. DONCASTER. Jennie UNKN and John T. DONCASTER were married. Children were: Anna DONCASTER, James William DONCASTER.

Jewel UNKN310 died.

Spouse: Marion Courtney BARNWELL. Jewel UNKN and Marion Courtney BARNWELL were married.

Joan UNKN65 died.

Spouse: Jay Dean STEERE Sr. Joan UNKN and Jay Dean STEERE Sr were married. Children were: Living.

Joan UNKN238 was born about 1556 in England. She died on 5 February 1614 at the age of 58 in Devon, England.

Spouse: Nickolas COFFIN. Joan UNKN and Nickolas COFFIN were married about 1580 in England. Children were: Peter COFFIN.

Johan UNKN238 died.

Spouse: Thomas PORREDGE. Johan UNKN and Thomas PORREDGE were married. Children were: John PORREDGE.

Josey UNKN4222 was born in 1853 in GA.4222 She died.

Spouse: Richard H. PASS. Josey UNKN and Richard H. PASS were married about 1875 in GA. Estimatd from childrens ages in 1880. Children were: Napolean PASS, Coleman PASS, Howard PASS.

Joshua Abney UNKN died.

Spouse: Mary Ann HELMS. Mary Ann HELMS and Joshua Abney UNKN were married on 28 May 1809 in Jackson Co., TN.

Judith UNKN238 died.

Spouse: William PHIPPEN. Judith UNKN and William PHIPPEN were married. Children were: Judith PHIPPEN.

July UNKN5921 was born in 1844 in MO.5921 She died.

Spouse: Hugh A. RUSHING. July UNKN and Hugh A. RUSHING were married. Children were: James RUSHING.

Junita UNKN113 died about 1940.

Spouse: James Thomas ALLEN. Junita UNKN and James Thomas ALLEN were married. Children were: Russell ALLEN, Mildred ALLEN, Bill ALLEN, Betty Jean ALLEN.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Kate UNKN30 died.

Spouse: John NIXON. Kate UNKN and John NIXON were married. Children were: Sarah NIXON, James NIXON Sr.

Kate UNKN6898 was born in April 1838 in Germany.6898 She died. Listed as a Widow in 1900.
Immigrated in 1882.

Children were: Henry REHER, Alfred John REHER.

Katherine UNKN238 was born about 1565 in England. She died in April 1605 at the age of 40 in England.

Spouse: Phineas MUNTHER. Katherine UNKN and Phineas MUNTHER were married. Children were: Susan MUNTHER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Katie UNKN5324 was born in 1860 in GA.5324 She died.

Spouse: Jill OWEN. Katie UNKN and Jill OWEN were married about 1878 in GA.5324 Children were: Marcus Newton OWEN.

Kinetis UNKN238 was born about 1584. She died.

Spouse: Andries Arentse BRADT. Kinetis UNKN and Andries Arentse BRADT were married. Children were: Albert Andriese BRADT.

Living (private). Parents: Living.

Lata UNKN34 died.

Spouse: James Kinney HASTINGS. Lata UNKN and James Kinney HASTINGS were married. Children were: Thomas K. HASTINGS.

Lavina UNKN6899 was born in 1847 in PA. She died.

Spouse: Elias BOYER. Lavina UNKN and Elias BOYER were married estimated 1863. Children were: John BOYER, Malvern BOYER, Peter W. BOYER, James B. BOYER, Oron H. BOYER, Margaret BOYER.

Lavina UNKN6900 was born in May 1860 in NJ.6900 She died.

Spouse: William H. MOWERSON. Lavina UNKN and William H. MOWERSON5194 were married estimated 1878 in NJ. Children were: Frederick MOWERSON, Frank MOWERSON, William H. MOWERSON, Harry W. MOWERSON.

Leah M. UNKN3481 was born in 1860 in VA.3481 She died.

Spouse: Rev George P. HANNAH. Leah M. UNKN and Rev George P. HANNAH were married about 1878 in VA.3481 Children were: Asbery Bias HANNAH.

Libby UNKN30 died.

Spouse: Wilfred CONRAD. Libby UNKN and Wilfred CONRAD were married. Children were: Jackie CONRAD, Barbara CONRAD.

Lilla UNKN4314 was born in 1862 in GA.4314 She died.

Spouse: Thomas LANG. Lilla UNKN and Thomas LANG were married in 1880 in GA.4314

Lillian UNKN4596 was born in 1877 in OH.4596 She died.

Spouse: John F. MAST Jr. Lillian UNKN and John F. MAST Jr were married estimated 1904 in OH.4596 Estimated from 1920 Census. Children were: Marvin MAST, Wendell MAST.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Lizzie UNKN was born about 1892 in OH. She died.

Spouse: Ross M. BEIGHT. Lizzie UNKN and Ross M. BEIGHT were married. Children were: Hazel BEIGHT.

Lizzie A. UNKN6901 was born in 1895 in GA.6901 She died.

Spouse: Amos Tony PERSONS.

Lola UNKN died.

Spouse: Aaron D. DYER. Lola UNKN and Aaron D. DYER were married. Children were: James DYER.

Lottie T. P. UNKN958 was born in March 1871 in TX.958 She died.

Spouse: Robert Lee BARNWELL Jr. Lottie T. P. UNKN and Robert Lee BARNWELL Jr were married about 1894 in TX. Estimated from 1900 Census. Children were: Robert E. BARNWELL, Joseph H. BARNWELL, Lottie Lee BARNWELL.

Louisa UNKN612,3051,3056 was born about 1825 in SC..612,3051,3056 She died in GA.612 Living with son Josiah in 1880. Listed as a Widow.

Spouse: William GAMBLIN. Louisa UNKN and William GAMBLIN were married estimated 1845 in GA.612,3051 Children were: Josiah W. GAMBLIN, Richard T. GAMBLIN, John GAMBLIN, William GAMBLIN, Georgia GAMBLIN, America GAMBLIN, Henry GAMBLIN.

Louisa UNKN6902 was born in 1825 in MO.6902 She died.

Spouse: John WHELCHEL. Louisa UNKN and John WHELCHEL6903 were married about 1843 in MO. Estimated from 1850 Census. Children were: Mary WHELCHEL, Unkn WHELCHEL, Elizabeth WHELCHEL, Nancy WHELCHEL.

Louisa UNKN6904 was born in 1858 in OH.6904 She died.

Spouse: William KREPS. Louisa UNKN and William KREPS1525 were married estimated 1875 in OH. Children were: Clarence C. KREPS, Rheuben KREPS, Willard KREPS.

Louisa C. UNKN6905 was born in April 1875.6905 She died.

Spouse: Charles Oscar BARNWELL. Louisa C. UNKN and Charles Oscar BARNWELL were married estimated 1892 in AR.678 Children were: Walter J. BARNWELL, Millie M. BARNWELL.

Louise UNKN365 was born in 1844 in PA.365 She died.

Spouse: James Hamilton BAILEY Jr. Louise UNKN and James Hamilton BAILEY Jr were married in 1866 in WI.365 Estimated from 1880 Federal Census. Children were: Frances L. BAILEY.

Louvicy UNKN480,3853,4107 was born in June 1818 in OH.3853,4107 She died.

Spouse: Rueben Troupe RIVES. Louvicy UNKN and Rueben Troupe RIVES were married about 1900 in IL.480

Lovina UNKN105 died.

Spouse: Barnet STILLWELL. Children were: Susannah STILLWELL.

Lucie UNKN6906 was born in 1847 in Canada.6906 She died.

Spouse: Mitchell HUARD. Lucie UNKN and Mitchell HUARD3873 were married estimated 1868 in Canada. Children were: Theodore HUARD, Lucie Aamanda HUARD, Joseph HUARD.

Living (private).

Spouse: Gene Wilmer VOLLNOGLE. Children were: Living, Living.

Lucile E. UNKN6907 was born in May 1860 in NH.2556 She died.

Spouse: Frank H. CURTIS. Lucile E. UNKN and Frank H. CURTIS were married estimated 1876. Children were: Frank M. CURTIS, Gordon Woolwin CURTIS Sr..

Lucinda UNKN164 died.

Spouse: David COOPER. Lucinda UNKN and David COOPER were married. Children were: James L. COOPER.

Lucinda C. UNKN6908 was born in 1822 in NY.6908 She died.

Spouse: Joseph C. WEST. Lucinda C. UNKN and Joseph C. WEST6909 were married estimated 1844 in NY.6909 Children were: Phobee A. WEST, Edward D. WEST, Harriet M. WEST, Ella WEST.

Lucy UNKN6153 died.

Spouse: Andrew SHEFFER. Lucy UNKN and Andrew SHEFFER were married. Children were: William C. SHEFFER.

Lucy UNKN34 died.

Spouse: Elisha PEARCE. Children were: Phebe PEARCE.

Lucy UNKN79 was born in 1779. She died in December 1851 at the age of 72.

Spouse: Ezekial LEMING. Lucy UNKN and Ezekial LEMING were married. Children were: Elizabeth LEMING.

Lucy UNKN6910,6911 was born in 1817 in NY.6910,6911 She died.

Spouse: Cyrus WHIPPLE. Lucy UNKN and Cyrus WHIPPLE6912 were married about 1836.6912 Children were: Unkn WHIPPLE, Walter A. WHIPPLE, Warren WHIPPLE, Elishia ? WHIPPLE, Frannie A. WHIPPLE.

Lula G. UNKN26 was born on 26 August 1882 in Milton Co., GA. She died on 12 September 1966 at the age of 84 in Stone Mountain, DeKalb, GA.

Spouse: Oscar Leonidas BARNWELL. Lula G. UNKN and Oscar Leonidas BARNWELL were married in 1899 in Gwinnette Co., GA. Children were: Catherine M. BARNWELL.