Mary Caroline UNKN152,3450,3456,3457,6939 was born in 1847 in GA. She died.

Spouse: James P. HALL. Mary Caroline UNKN and James P. HALL were married about 1866 in GA.

Mary Catherine UNKN3964 died. She was born in France.3964

Spouse: Joseph JARDEE. Children were: Alexander J. JARDEE.

Mary E. UNKN2941 was born in 1833 in OH.2941 She died.

Spouse: Unkn FISH. Mary E. UNKN and Unkn FISH were married. Children were: Frank L. FISH, Minerva A. FISH, Luella FISH.

Mary E. UNKN1726 was born in 1838 in GA.1726 She died.

Spouse: Joseph R. BOON. Mary E. UNKN and Joseph R. BOON were married about 1856 in GA.1726 Children were: Jane BOON, Daniel BOON, Minnie BOON, Thomas K. BOON, Maggie A. BOON.

Mary E. UNKN42,3186 was born in 1850 in OH.3186 She died.

Spouse: John Lewis GEORGE. Mary E. UNKN and John Lewis GEORGE were married about 1865 in OH.3186 Children were: William GEORGE, Martha GEORGE.

Mary E. UNKN65 was born in 1853. She died in 1900 at the age of 47 in PA.

Spouse: William J. WOLESLAGLE. Mary E. UNKN and William J. WOLESLAGLE were married. Children were: Ira WOLESLAGLE.

Mary E. UNKN2165,6940,6941,6942 was born in 1900 in Norway.6940 She died.

Spouse: Albert T. THOMPSON. Children were: Alek M. THOMPSON, Myron S. THOMPSON, Randol Cameron THOMPSON, Melvin THOMPSON, Lillian M. THOMPSON.

Mary J. UNKN4716 was born in 1825 in PA.4716 She died.

Spouse: Daniel Clark MC GREGOR I. Mary J. UNKN and Daniel Clark MC GREGOR I were married. Children were: Sarah H. MC GREGOR, Daniel Clark MC GREGOR II.

Mary J. UNKN6943 was born in 1839 in WI.6943 She died.

Spouse: William WHITEHEAD. Mary J. UNKN and William WHITEHEAD6365 were married. Children were: Turner WHITEHEAD, Sarah A. WHITEHEAD, Mary A. WHITEHEAD.

Mary Jane UNKN476,5491 was born in 1842 in NC.476,5491 She died after 1880 at the age of 38.

Spouse: Harvey W. PINSON. Mary Jane UNKN and Harvey W. PINSON were married.476,5491 Children were: Arminetta PINSON, John W. PINSON, Harvey PINSON, Thomas PINSON, Eliza PINSON.

Mary L. UNKN6944 was born in 1895 in IL.6944

Spouse: Daniel J. COURTNEY. Mary L. UNKN and Daniel J. COURTNEY2485 were married estimated 1919 in IL.2485 Children were: Sansee L. COURTNEY, Raymond L. COURTNEY.

Mary Lee UNKN6945 was born in 1863.5800 She died.

Spouse: James C. RIVES. Mary Lee UNKN and James C. RIVES5800 were married. Children were: Pauline RIVES, Eula May RIVES.

Living (private).

Spouse: Melvin D. GRANBERG. Children were: Living.

Mary P. UNKN6946 was born in January 1859 in MO.6946 She died.

Spouse: William ALLEN. Mary P. UNKN and William ALLEN131 were married about 1885 in MO.131 Children were: Hattie L. ALLEN, Ora L. ALLEN, William E. ALLEN, Elsie E. ALLEN.

Matey UNKN1761 died. Info from daughters marriage records.

Spouse: Daniel TYLER. Children were: Jane E. TYLER.

Matilda UNKN648 died.

Spouse: William WHITFIELD. Matilda UNKN and William WHITFIELD were married.648 Children were: Malinda Martha WHITFIELD.

Matilda UNKN1757 was born in 1836 in Ireland.1757 She died.

Spouse: John KEYS. Matilda UNKN and John KEYS were married about 1862. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Anna KEYS, John Patterson KEYS, Mary A. KEYS, Jennie KEYS, William A. KEYS.

Mattie UNKN6947 died.

Spouse: James Posey BARNWELL. Mattie UNKN and James Posey BARNWELL were married about 1904 in OK.

Mattie UNKN6948 was born in November 1866 in PA.6948 She died. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Widow]6949

Spouse: Unkn YAUMAN. Mattie UNKN and Unkn YAUMAN were married estimated 1887.6949 Children were: Claude Foster YAUMAN Dr., Ralph W. YAUMAN.

Mattie UNKN79 was born in 1866. She died on 12 April 1887 at the age of 21.

Spouse: George W. HARVEY. Mattie UNKN and George W. HARVEY were married. Children were: Eva HARVEY.

Mattie UNKN6950 was born in March 1874 in IA.6950 Family Search - Hamilton Riley . Family Search - Hamilton Riley .

Spouse: Hamilton F. RILEY. Mattie UNKN and Hamilton F. RILEY5727 were married about 1892 in IA.5727 Family Search - Hamilton Riley . Family Search - Hamilton Riley . Children were: Clyde RILEY, Macie C. RILEY, Freddie RILEY.

Mattie UNKN6951 was born in January 1877 in TX.6951 She died.

Spouse: Tom RAPE'. Mattie UNKN and Tom RAPE'958 were married estimated 1896 in TX.958 Children were: Aubry RAPE', Howard RAPE'.

Maybelle UNKN6952 was born in 1905 in NC.6952 She died.

Spouse: Ed SUTTON. Maybelle UNKN and Ed SUTTON6595 were married estimated 1923 in TN.6595 Children were: Minnie Hattie SUTTON, Woodrow SUTTON, May SUTTON, Ermal SUTTON, Living, Living.

Michael UNKN103 died.

Spouse: Jane Irene BRIDGES. Jane Irene BRIDGES and Michael UNKN were married.

Millie R. UNKN2245,6953 was born in 1901 in AL.2246 She died. Not in 1930 Census.

Spouse: David Walter CHANDLER. Millie R. UNKN and David Walter CHANDLER2245 were married estimated 1918 in AL. Children were: Mary Lou CHANDLER, James Manley CHANDLER, Rose Pearline CHANDLER, Living, Stanley CHANDLER, Annie Marie CHANDLER.

Minnie UNKN died.

Spouse: Clarence John FOSTER. Minnie UNKN and Clarence John FOSTER were married.2994

Minnie UNKN3066 was born in August 1855 in Germany. She died.

Spouse: Albert J. SEGLER. Minnie UNKN and Albert J. SEGLER were married. Children were: Lucile SEGLER.

Mollie UNKN26 died.

Spouse: Marshall D. JENKINS. Mollie UNKN and Marshall D. JENKINS were married. Children were: Hubert Winter JENKINS.

Mollie UNKN4480 died. From sons marriage record.

Spouse: Minyard Richard LONG. Mollie UNKN and Minyard Richard LONG4480 were married. Children were: Living.

Myrtle UNKN125 died.

Spouse: Walter GARRISON. Myrtle UNKN and Walter GARRISON were married. Children were: Living.

N. A. UNKN4623 died.

Spouse: Bryan PHILLIPS. Children were: Ida Blanch PHILLIPS.

Nancy UNKN42 died.

Spouse: Nathaniel WATSON. Nancy UNKN and Nathaniel WATSON were married. Children were: Thomas WATSON, Ansellem (Ansel) WATSON, Solomon WATSON, Unkn WATSON.

Nancy UNKN1358 died.

Spouse: John WALLACE. Nancy UNKN and John WALLACE were married. Children were: Orana WALLACE (WALLIS).

Nancy UNKN42 died.

Spouse: Preston B. SENTER. Nancy UNKN and Preston B. SENTER were married.42

Nancy UNKN died.

Spouse: Joshua MENTZER. Nancy UNKN and Joshua MENTZER were married. Children were: Vinnie E. MENTZER.

Nancy UNKN42 died on 16 September 1839 in McMinn Co., TN.

Spouse: Martin SENTER. Nancy UNKN and Martin SENTER were married.

Nancy UNKN5912 was born in 1840 in KY.5912 She died.

Spouse: William RUSHING. Nancy UNKN and William RUSHING were married about 1862. Estimated from 1880 Census. Children were: Malissa RUSHING, Alice RUSHING, Emma RUSHING, Mary RUSHING, Silvester RUSHING, Cora RUSHING.

Nancy A. UNKN4331 was born in June 1857 in NY.4331 She died. Surname could be Woodridge.

Spouse: Arthur LATHROP. Nancy A. UNKN and Arthur LATHROP were married about 1887 in NY. From 1900 Census. Children were: Nina LATHROP.

Nancy Ann UNKN42,475,1358,5350 was born in 1778 in NC.5350 She died after 1850 at the age of 72. Was in 1850 Census.

Spouse: Powell OWNSBY (OWENSBY--OWENBY) Sr. Nancy Ann UNKN and Powell OWNSBY (OWENSBY--OWENBY) Sr were married about 1792.1358 Children were: James OWNSBY, Susanna OWNSBY, Powell OWNSBY Jr, Wiliam T. OWNSBY (OWNBY), Elizabeth OWNSBY.

Nancy D. UNKN877 was born in 1848 in GA.2216 She died.

Spouse: William C. SMITH. Nancy D. UNKN and William C. SMITH were married about 1868 in GA.2216 Children were: Henry O. SMITH, Texada E. SMITH, Elmer M. SMITH, Annie O. SMITH.

Nancy Frances UNKN6954,6955 was born in 1852 in GA.2753 She died.

Spouse: Sylvanus J. DOSS. Children were: Ella A. DOSS, Florence DOSS, Benjamin Frank DOSS, Ada DOSS, Samuel J. DOSS, James F. DOSS, Mabell DOSS, Madge M. DOSS.

Nancy J. UNKN4107 was born about 1843 in GA.4107 She died.

Spouse: Joel M. KEITH. Nancy J. UNKN and Joel M. KEITH were married about 1861 in GA.4107

Nellie J. UNKN6956,6957 was born in 1873 in IN.6956 She died.

Spouse: David CRUZAN. Nellie J. UNKN and David CRUZAN2544 were married about 1892. Estimated from 1920 Census. Children were: Bertha M. CRUZAN, Josie J. CRUZAN, William L. CRUZAN.

Olive UNKN42,2125 was born in 1891 in ID. She died.

Spouse: Otto DAVIS. Olive UNKN and Otto DAVIS were married about 1924 in OR.2125

Olive C. UNKN4349 was born in 1826 in AR.4349 She died.

Spouse: William S. LATTA. Olive C. UNKN and William S. LATTA4349 were married estimated 1849.4350 Children were: Thomas Franklin LATTA.

Olive M. UNKN6958 was born in March 1868 in IN.6958 She died.

Spouse: Howard E. VOTAW. Olive M. UNKN and Howard E. VOTAW44 were married in 1885 in IN.44 Children were: Russell J. VOTAW, Clyde C. VOTAW, Lizzie M. VOTAW, Donald H. VOTAW.

Opal UNKN612 was born in 1904 in Hall Co, GA.612 She died.

Spouse: James Tillman GAMBLIN. Opal UNKN and James Tillman GAMBLIN were married.

Pamala Amelia UNKN54 was born about 1860.54,55 She died before 1900 at the age of 40 in Makanda, IL.54

Spouse: Joseph Benton RUSHING. Pamala Amelia UNKN and Joseph Benton RUSHING were married before 1880 in IL.54

Patricia UNKN201 died.

Spouse: Arnold Arron CHENOWETH. Patricia UNKN and Arnold Arron CHENOWETH were married.201 Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.